{Seeing} Signs

I love my collection of antique eyeglasses and have several advertisements from early 1900’s optometrists, so my newest sign on an antique window is inspired by both of them.

I love the image of the old spectacles in this advertisement, so I used it on the lower portion of the window.

I liked the name of this company, but it would have taken me forever to modify the text enough for the Silhouette to be able to “read” the edges, so I opted to make it a little easier on myself and chose a font to create the stencil for it.

Unfortunately, the project was still quite challenging.  Getting the vinyl positioned on the glass is always the hardest part.  I did the spectacles section first and painted it, only to realize that it was pretty crooked, so I had to scrape it all off and start over again.

Would you believe it took me over an hour just to get these 2 stencils positioned on the glass for my second attempt?

Once I got it painted, I realized that it looked a little too empty above the name, so I went back and created another stencil to add the scrolled image above it.  That took me another 30 minutes to position.  I really love making these signs, but if you have a bad temper, you might want to avoid working with adhesive vinyl on glass.  It is trying.

A little of the paint pulled off in some areas, but I didn’t bother trying to touch it up, because I made it to look like an antique sign, so I think it’s okay this way.

I love it when these windows still have original hinges or parts of the latches on them.  It just adds to their authentically old look.

I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of seeing my window projects, because I plan to make more of them, and after the amount of time they take me, I’m going to subject you to them all!


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  1. Love your signs … keep them coming. I plan to copy some of them as soon as I figure out how to transfer them to glass. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. great sign !
    glad to know the effort that goes into them.
    I have some vinyl ‘words’ that may just be waiting a ‘bit’ longer 🙂

  3. Hi Angie, I love your beautiful window signs. This one turned out great as well and I look forward to see more of them.

  4. You can keep them coming Angie. I appreciate the effort you put into them and they always turn out GREAT!


  5. Love the new version! Very pretty.

  6. I pinned this too, and I guess I should of known once you had that Cameo in your hands I probably should of just made you your own board on pinterest!


  7. Good morning, Angie,
    I loved reading all about you and seeing your darling farmhouse on Cindy’s log. You and your husband have done such a wonderful job of refurbishing your home. It’s every bit a farmhouse and filled with so many charming old time touches. It reminds me a bit of my grandparents home in Green Acres, Oregon.
    I love all your signs. You are so creative and imaginative.
    I hope you have a great week, my friend.
    Carolynn xoxo

  8. I love everything you make…no worries! And yes, I CAN believe it could take 2 hrs to do something that seems SO simple…isn’t that always the way? It came out great though!

  9. Keep them coming. If I had that huge stash of windows, I’d probably never get anything else done. Love them.

  10. Love the look of your window!
    I’m having a link party at Homa Style that ends Tuesday evening.
    I would love you to link up!
    The link to the party is

    I help promote links to my parties by additional links to facebook, twitter, or pinterest.

  11. What a cool idea for a vintage window! Great graphic!

  12. Your window signs are great accent pieces! It would take me years just to figure out how to use one of those stencil making thing-a-ma-jigs!

  13. Cute, cute, cute…again 🙂

  14. Your sign came out amazing!
    I found you at It’s Overflowing’s Linky. I hope you stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  15. I loved reading about your trials, not because I’m glad you had them but because I have so many and many projects take me an inordinate amount of time. An hour on the positioning sounds right up my alley. Thanks for sharing your adorable windows. I can’t get enough of them. But also for the story of how you did it!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  16. You just got featured by Cedar Hill Ranch at the Scoop, grab a featured button if you like. I loved your windows with the graphics on them.

  17. Fabulous signs, as usual. Just curious, what kind of paint did you use over the window? Just wondering if plain ole’ latex would peel super easy, or do you need to allow it a full 30 days to cure up?

    Thanks for the fabulous post!

    Debbie @ Painted Therapy

  18. Thanks for sharing this.Amazing idea of making antique signs.Good job done by you.

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