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Dictionary Page Pennant Printable Banners – HOME, TIME, LOVE and NEST – Printable Tutorial

 I promised yesterday that I’d share the printables for the dictionary page banners I used to decorate my Wooden Mantel Backdrops. I always get excited when I find books that have that aged, darkened color that looks so pretty, but the drawback is the pages are usually very fragile and brittle, making it difficult to use them for craft projects. To solve that problem, I scan the images on very high resolution, then make copies of them, which makes them {Read More}

Rustic Mantle Backdrops

Inspiration is rarely a problem for me.  In fact, my problem is usually having too much inspiration and not knowing when to quit.  That wasn’t the case last week.  I started out with what I thought was a great idea.  I have these wonderful antique tongue and groove boards that I always turn into coat racks, but I felt like doing something different with some of them.  I thought I’d connect several together and turn them into barn door style {Read More}

Antique Graphics Wednesday – Earth Image

As Earth Day is next week, I thought I’d share this image of the earth, surrounded by some clouds. It was on the cover page of this 1911 Rand McNally atlas.  Here’s the image with the background removed. Blessings, Angie View Verse of the Day Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS feed. I work too hard to produce original and inspiring content to have it stolen by others. Thank you for your {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday #82

Welcome back to Knick of Time Tuesday! There are only a few rules to this party, and I hate deleting links, so please take note:   1.  Your post must be something that has to do with vintage style – NO food, NO blog tips, and NO giveaways, please. 2.  You are WELCOME to link up items for sale, as long as they are vintage. 3.  Include a link to Knick of Time IN your post.  Only those who link {Read More}

Printable Greeting Tags with Antique Floral Images

A few weeks ago, I brought home a very small German book that appears to be from the early 1900’s.  I believe it was a daily Bible devotional book.  In this book were several beautiful little color pages with a floral motif and a scripture verse on each one.  I’ve removed the German text from the images and turned them into printable tags that would look really pretty attached to a gift or a bouquet of flowers. I always save {Read More}

Sonday – {Have Thine Own Way, Lord} Antique Hymn Page Printable

Blessings, Angie

Jump the Curb – Bike Chain Bracelets

There are 4 things my daughter really loves – coffee, music, Monster drinks & her bike – in no particular order.  Two of those loves she’s turning into a little business she’s calling, “Jump the Curb“. Click on image to visit her shop She’s creating a colorful assortment of bike chain bracelets for children and adults. They are unisex and look great on guys and girls.  She’s been selling these to kids on her college campus and they love them. {Read More}

A Little Dream

For the last few months, I’ve been showing you lots and lots of stenciled windows and wood projects, and it suddenly occured to me – could I create stencils to sell?  I love creating something new out of something old and I love doing that with typography and antique graphics, so wouldn’t it be fun to develop my own line of stencils that others can use? This little dream has lots of challenges though, the biggest of which is getting {Read More}

SWEET LIFE & Coat Racks

Coat racks are a good seller in my shop, so I’ve been busy working on some new ones lately.  I don’t generally put words on them, but I had a song from the 70’s stuck in my head and decided it would make a perfect addition to a cottage style coat rack.  I’m loving this new pale mint color chalk paint I made and think I’ll probably be on a mint green binge for awhile.  Can you guess the artist {Read More}

Antique Graphics – Apothecary Labels & Receipt

Thanks so much for all your get well wishes yesterday.  I don’t think I’ve been in that much pain since childbirth, but I feel SO much better today.  I truly thank God for modern medicine.  I think it will take a few days to get rid of all the stiffness and pain that’s left, but I’m at least functional today. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this late 1800’s pharmacy receipt.  I like the variety of fonts on it. And here {Read More}