Relique Inspired – Shaving Brush on Stand

We’re finishing up the remodel of the restroom for the men in our home, and I plan to give it a bit of a old barber shop look. 

 Some time ago, I saw a set of 3 vintage shaving brushes on stands that Relique sells for $129.  I like the concept of the brush on a stand and I’ve had one antique shaving brush for several years, which I thought would make an appropriate addition to the bathroom.  I had some really nice old nails that would work for the spike part, and batted around a few ideas for what kind of base to use for the stand.  I had a heavy little oval-shaped cast iron “thing” in my stash.  It appears to have been a lid of some type, but I’m not sure what.  Since there was no way I was going to be able to easily drill a hole through the cast iron, I ended up just deciding to use some E-600 to secure it to the base and forget about the spike.  Mine’s a more rustic version, but I think it looks good with all the rusty old scissors I’ve been collection.
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I have a nice little stash of decorations for the bathroom now, and hope to get in there and start putting them up soon.  I found an incredible little sink, but I’m still looking for the right cabinet to put it on, and I have a wonderful old mirror that I’d like to convert into a medicine cabinet.



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  1. I love the idea of displaying the brushes…they look like works of art…

  2. I love your version Angie, so creative. Your men’s room sounds like such a fun project. Looking forward to seeing it all fixed up.

  3. What a great idea I could even see something like that in a shadow box.

  4. Like the rustic look of yours much better! 🙂
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. Are you sure you don’t have an old barber shop full of stuff too?


  6. These are great and will add so much charm.


  7. As a little girl I remember loving to watch my grandfather shave, and he used a brush ! 🙂

  8. This brings back memories of my grandfather too! He would let me stand on a stool next to him and swish the brush into the soap for him. Eagerly awaiting the reveal of this mens room!

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