Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1900’s Bon Ami Advertisements

Bon Ami (French for “Good Friend”) has been in existence for 120 and continues today, though it has weathered tough times, and nearly went out of existence for some time.  

 Though their packaging has changed, it still includes the chick that consumers loved.The slogan, “Hasn’t Scratched Yet”, was coined because newly-hatched chicks don’t scratch for food, as they are still living off the nutrients from the yolk, and Bon Ami was created with feldspar, rather than the harsher quartz other scouring products were made from at the time.



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  1. That’s always been a cute ad and still is. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Such a cute ad, huh!

  3. Such cute graphics! I don’t remember my mom ever using this but I’ve seen the vintage ads. So cute — no wonder it’s stood the test of time!

  4. I was shocked to see these!! I use and love Bon Ami. I didn’t realize it was so old. Great things need no change.

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