Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1906 Santa Fe Railroad Advertisement

As we’re heading into vacation time of the year, here’s a nice little Santa Fe Railway logo, that came from a 1906 Ladies Home Journal.
Here’s the complete original advertisement the image came from.
A little background about the California Limited passenger train:
It made its first run in 1892 from Chicago to Los Angeles, where it made continuous round-trips on a 2-1/2 day schedule.  For quite a few years, it was a very classy train ride, billed as “The Finest Train West of Chicago”, but lost some of its prestige to Santa Fe’s more opulent de Luxe passenger train, and it eventually became a second-class ride.  In 1945, the second section of train #4 entered the siding at excessive speed and derailed, killing 5 and injuring 200.  The California Limited was withdrawn from service in 1954. 



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  1. This is a fun bit of travel history! I have some pieces I need to frame for my ‘vintage travel’ guest room. One is a letter from Greyhound (TYPED with a TYPEWRITER) giving costs, etc. for a trip someone was inquiring about. Love these glimpses into the past.

  2. Hi Angie … it amazes me what you see and pick from those ads. Love this graphic. I bought a piece of a headboard today with painted flowers on it and I think it would make a great sign for a Florists or flower farm. I need to do some research. Thanks for always offering Graphic Wednesday.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Two weekends ago we packed up the last two and headed to Duluth for a few days. They have an awesome train depot with all the vintage goodness to tour. I took some photos of the old signs thinking…. hmmmmmm maybe I want to make my own sign!

  4. Love these ads! We’re planning a cross-country driving trip next summer, through Santa Fe and on to California…I’m going to use these ads for my scrapbooking pages. Thank you so much!

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