He Came Bearing Gifts

I mentioned before that my mom, sister and her 4 kids recently visited to celebrate my son’s graduation and spend some time together.  They weren’t in my door 10 minutes when my nephew came to me with gifts in hand.

This boy could have a future as a junker, because he knows just the kind of stuff I love and is good at finding it.  They live in a super, duper, duper old house in New Mexico and attached to the back of their house is another house (yes…it’s attached to their house) that has been abandoned for as long as anyone can remember.

The cows wander through it and it’s basically a shell of a building now, but there are still a few treasures to be found inside, if you root around enough (being careful not to fall through the attic floorboards) and don’t mind a few cow patties, spiders and bird poop.

 This is just the frame from half of what was once a cardboard suitcase.  The metal corner protectors and remnant of the latches are wonderful.  The cardboard is long gone, but the frame is wood, so I’m thinking this would make an awesome frame for an antique photo.

He also found some wonderful rusty painted hinges, a Nehi Grape soda cap and Health Food lid.  I’ve gotta think of something wonderful to do with that Health Food lid – I love it!

What can I do with a cute little thimble that is missing the top?  Obviously, I won’t be using it as a thimble, or I’d poke myself, but surely there must be something fun to do with it.

Thanks a bunch to my super junk-findin’ nephew, Josiah!


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  1. Maybe you can tie some of these trinkets up and make a wind chime. Or create a metal rusty collage of some sort.
    the suitcase turned picture frame? Perfect!


  2. Send that junk hunting boy up here! He did a super job of finding you interesting bits and I’m sure you’ll do your usual magic on them.

  3. great finds!! love the cardboard suitcase frame- that is the best! cannot wait to see what you will do with this stuff!

  4. I don’t mind cow patties, or bird doo, but those New Mexico spiders…… they keep me away.

  5. Love the old suitcase frame. what a lovely bunch of treasures. The thimble without the top is a tailor’s thimble allowing for more control of the fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new gifts.

  6. oooh, wishing I had a nephew like that !

    Angie, I’m thinkin you could use that thimble as a pedestal for the world’s tiniest crystal ball!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with all of it !

  7. Wow-he’s a great picker for you! Fun finds 🙂

  8. Hi, lovely gifts you got. I can imagine that it was just the kind of stuff that you like …and so do I! Just love rust and my husband is going crazy of all the dirty , old and rusty stuff I bring home from every fleemarket. Love it and can´t live without them! ;=)
    Hop you had a nice weekend- here is sunny and warm weather and I´m waiting for my vacation to start!

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