She’s Got Legs…{She Knows How to Use Them!} My New Cable Spool Table

If you weren’t born before the late 70’s, you won’t “get” the title of my post, but I’m sure those of you who were, know it was based on the 1983 Z Z Top song “Legs”.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself – I was a high schooler in the 80’s and the title perfectly fit today’s project.

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Cable Spool Table

cable spool table

A year or so ago, I brought home an antique Duncan Phyfe table table from an auction that I paid a pittance for.   The table top was badly damaged, but the legs were beautiful.  It’s been in my workshop getting stacked a mile high with stuff.  It seemed silly to leave such pretty legs on a table that isn’t being put to good use, so I finally removed them.

antique table legs

I wish my legs looked so amazing.

But…I wanted a different color, so they would fit a future space we are working on – you’ll be hearing more about that soon.  I used a beautiful shade of gray.

Since one of the metal caps were missing on one of the tables, I removed them all and decided to work on that table.

I needed to find a new top for it, but couldn’t find one at the home improvement store, but my husband said he could get me a big wooden spool – the kind large wire is sold on.  The boards remind me of a farmhouse table, so I wasn’t sure if it was the right style to go with the legs, but it was free, so I was willing to work with it.  Because of the holes, I couldn’t just stain it, I was going to need to paint it.

I did stain it first, because I wanted the wood darker underneath the paint.

I painted it white and distressed it, and I loved the way it looked, but the bright white just didn’t look right against the gray legs.

I did a wash of gray paint over the white to see if that would give the top and the legs a more cohesive appearance.

Much better!

But the obvious problem I still had, was what to do about all those big holes?  I thought I’d try finding an old ironstone plate or a tarnished platter to mount over them, but I didn’t have either one that was large enough, and a trip to some antique stores didn’t yield one either.  It occurred to me that Hobby Lobby may have a large wooden plaque I could use – I’d just need to paint it.  They didn’t have a plaque that was big enough, but they did have these wooden plates, which were the perfect size – big enough to cover the holes, but not so big it would overwhelm the table top.

I painted it the darker gray to match the legs, distressed and waxed it, then attached it to the tabletop.  It was an inexpensive and easy solution to the problem, and I’m in love with my new farmhouse cable spool table!

How to make a farmhouse style cable spool table |

So, what do think of my new little farmhouse cable spool table?  I’d love it if you let in the comments below.

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  1. Great job, Angie! I love when projects come together like this! It’s such a pretty table (and great legs). 😉

  2. what a smart idea with the plates. looks a little like a lazy susan. love that color too, can’t wait to see what you’re up to, that caned sofa is wonderful!!

  3. Brilliant idea, I love how you upcycled them. Great color choice too:)

  4. I remember that song…and came close to using the same title for my post this week!
    My table got legs this week too! Love this.
    Great project.

  5. Great save and a perfect marriage! Now I have that song stuck in my head.

  6. I love the way you combined those two pieces! Those legs are amazing. I remember the music video for She’s got legs from when I was a kid. I looooved the girls little ruffled socks in her high heels 😉 Odd thing to remember about it but hey whatever.

  7. So beautiful! I’d love for you to link up at my Work It Wednesday Linky Party!

    xo, amy

  8. Those tables are so versatile. I’ve got 3 of them in our house, one in the living room and 2 as bedside tables. Yours looks wonderful with its new gray color and spool top and I can’t wait to see where you use it!

  9. love those legs!

  10. Oh yes, I remember the song, and oh yes, I wish I had nice legs! I always say, they’re not pretty, but I’m blessed that they work! Love what you did with the table. I have one of these with a leather top. You’ve definitely inspired me to paint it!

  11. Really nice Angie … anxious to see the new space you are working on. You always have something interesting going on.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Angie, I never would have thought to use the two of these together ~ how clever. The wood plank top immediately caught my attention as it transformed this formal style into something that would fit into anyone’s decor. The hole would have stumped me too yet, I sometimes drill holes in the middle of side tables so the cord doesn’t show, so a lamp would work to hide it too. Oh wait, no it wouldn’t, it doesn’t go all the way through.

  13. I adore the table and thought of a lazy susan in the center when you were looking for a solution. I have a Duncan Phyfe table but smaller that had a missing brass foot too and I easily found a replacement on ebay. Just so you know.

  14. Looks great!! Love that top too 🙂

  15. Great project–and I love that song 🙂

  16. Love it, Angie!

  17. What a clever idea, I love the legs. I have a set of legs sitting around, hmmmmm. thanks for the inspiration.

  18. How very clever! I love how you brought all the components together and BIG kudos to hubby for thinking of using the wooden spool. Genius!

  19. I recently saw a salvage Dawgs episode where they used a spool for a table and they put a lazy susan in the middle. It was really cool, thought it might work for you too!

  20. You did a great job. Love the finish.

  21. It looks amazing! What a fantastic transformation. Is the plate in the middle a lazy susan? I’m visiting from the 36th Avenue link party.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  22. Angie, you did an AMAZING job! I love the before and after. It truly looks amazing!!

    I’d love it if you linked this up over at Living Well Spending Less for Thrifty Thursday this week!

  23. Oh my goodness…. I adore this!

  24. So charming, Angie…the legs really are beautiful…and I love the paint treatment you used!

  25. Spool table looks great, but I never would of figured you for a ZZ fan.

  26. very cool, and here is another idea to go further with your idea, make the center part a lazy susan. I am obsessed with them.

    Love your work.

  27. I love beautiful! I too was thinking a ‘lazy susan’ for the middle would work. Great job Angie!

  28. Thanks Angie! I have a drum table without the top as well. I wouldn’t have thought that combo would work but it’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Shelly

  29. Rachel Schardt says

    Do you have directions to make this? I’m looking at possibly renting a home and there is a small corner in the kitchen I would love to make something like this to go there, my dinning table is too big for that spot. Thanks

  30. That is so cute!!!

  31. Hi, looks amazing! How did you attach it to the legs?

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