Farmhouse Stenciled Sign Fresh Milk, Butter and Eggs

It may be bright and sunny outdoors, but it was a gray kind of day in my workshop this week.
Fresh Milk and Eggs sign
When I get my paintbrush out, I try to work on lots of projects using the same color at the same time.  I hate cleaning paintbrushes, so I want to get as much mileage out of it as I can before I clean it.  I can also accomplish more faster by focusing on one color of paint at a time, because I’m not mixing up many different colors of my homemade chalk-style paint in one day.  Here are all the gray projects I finished.
First, I painted a vintage shutter white, they gave it a wash of gray paint.

Next, I created this Barn Sale sign.  You’ll never in a million years guess what the wood was originally part of!

This porch sign was created on the same wood.  Any guesses?

Do you give up?
  It came from the center of the wooden wire spool that I used as the top to make the table I showed you the other day.  It looked similar to this one.
I couldn’t let good wood go to waste, and they were just the right size to turn into signs, but I also turned one of them into a coat rack.

One of my favorite projects of the day was this Plate Peg Rack that I created on a vintage cabinet door.

I was getting ready to put the bowl and 2 small plates in my stack of stuff to donate, when I realized that the worn silver details on them would look pretty against a gray backdrop.

I love the plate display I made that I have hanging in my kitchen, but I wasn’t sure how much someone else would love something that big that wasn’t functional as well, so I added 3 antique date nails to it, using the holes that were already there where I removed the cabinet pull.  It saved me from having to fill the holes too – an I’ll do anything not to fill holes!

I’ve had this quirky little piece of a farm implement for quite a while, and it seemed perfect to turn into a key hook.
Mint and gray are my two favorite colors this year, and while I’m not using much mint in my home, I am bringing a lot of this shade of gray in it.  The color is Dover Gray, which I purchased at Lowes.  I had them mix it in Valspar Flat, 2000 series paint (the cheapest flat paint they have that can accept a dark color).  It’s perfect to use when you want to make your own chalk-style paint.





  1. Those are all so cute, Angie. I just love them all! xo Diana

  2. I am so with you on the whole cleaning paint brushes thing! I avoid it like the plague (not so great for the brushes, I know….) and I’d avoid filling holes, too! Love the plate wall hanging, it’s quite charming.

  3. Love all your gray projects, Angie. I recently developed such a thing for that color. Ha, I knew that the wood came from the spool :-). Last year we took several spools apart for my hubby’s rusty creations. The tops are all used and we have some of the wood from the middle part left. Now I hope I can motivate him to build me a little shelf for my plants, using those pieces. Maybe I should save one to make a cool sign though. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. You make the best signs Angie and accomplish so much in what it seems to me, a very short time. My favorite … fresh milk, butter and eggs which would work in anyone’s kitchen.
    The boards off the wooded spool make great signs too.
    Good work.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. I love the things you come up with! and those boards from the reel are probably pretty and curved.

  6. Such a pretty gray. My favorite piece is the plate display cabinet door with the date nails! Genius idea to use those in the holes that were already there. Still pondering where to use my nails, but the wheels are turning 🙂 I’m sure all these pieces will be gone in no time!


  7. I’m kind of new at all this – how did you adhere the plates to the board? Looks sooo cute!

  8. They are all pretty, but the plate one on the door is so sweet!!!

  9. I’m starting to like grey more and more 🙂 Great job, Angie!

  10. All the signs are really pretty.I like all the signs especially the last two wooden signs.

  11. Those are fantastic designs, Angie! Your thing for grays and vintage projects is quite unmistakable in this post. Each element matched perfectly with one another. Those silver plates and backdrop are just gorgeous! The things you come up with are really stunning. Cheers!

    Gaston Ballbe @ Signs Unlimited

  12. Hello!!

    What font is the fresh milk, butter and eggs sign? 🙂

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