Milk and Cream and Beady Little Eyes

A few days ago, I was outside photographing another Milk & Cream Co. sign when my daughter came rushing up to me saying, “Hurry, take their photo before he flies away!”
It constantly amuses me that this girl has always loved snakes, praying mantises, and even huge hissing bugs (and I have no idea what they were), yet she’s always been terrified of spiders – even daddy long-legs.  Her nickname has always been Miss Muffet for that reason.
I see creepy little eyes when I look at this critter, but she said, “He looks so cute, doesn’t he?”
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.  The praying mantises are huge by our house this year.  I’m assuming it’s because we didn’t get our pasture grass mowed this year.  Early in the spring the creek behind our house flooded our field and with the water came a ton of weed seeds, so we didn’t get it cut to bale the grass.  The grass is taller than our miniature horse and even our quarter horse gets totally lost out there.  The critters have had it all to themselves and have been feasting.
My Milk & Cream Company signs have been such great sellers in my shop.  I mainly sell smaller, photo frame size ones now, but I still have a bunch of antique windows in my barn and need to clear space in there, so I figured I better get busy making signs out some of them.  I added coat hooks to the sides of this one, because I love making my window signs useful.  This is the largest Milk & Cream sign I’ve made – it is about 34 x 28.  It’s available in my shop HERE.




  1. You daughter remind me of our grandson, Zachary. He loved the little creatures too. I see a snake in her other hand … our Z. played with snakes too. He respected them and was not afraid of them. He knew the good ones from the bad ones.
    I love this sign Angie with the two little creamers. It should sell fast.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. The milk and cream sign is lovely and so is your daughter for seeing the wonder in nature (spiders excluded lol).

  3. Great photos, aren’t these little creatures amazing?

  4. That’s a beautiful sign you made! Mine is so heavy I think I’m going to have to drill through the frame to attatch it to the wall. Next time, I’ll look for a smaller one!
    Love the baby snake!Not so much the giant bug…

  5. you are a brave woman!! :0

  6. Love the little creatures:)

  7. What a cool sign Angie! I don’t like spiders either yet those praying mantis insects don’t bother me at all.They eat the spiders 🙂

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