Repurposed Shirt Footstool – {My War Against the Clothes Hanger}

It’s starting to get more than a little depressing, that my quest for a lightweight, breezy white shirt keeps ending with the shirt looking better on the hanger than it does on me.
Crinkled Cotton White Shirt

I think I’ve been looking at Pinterest boards too long because for the last year I’ve wanted a really lightweight, white crinkled shirt that looks totally relaxed and flowing-in-the-breezish.  You know the kind I’m talking about, right?  Well, I hate shopping for clothes, so believe it or not, my husband buys all mine for me.  We are thrift store shoppers, so he’s brought home a few lightweight, white cotton shirts for me.  I got super excited when he brought the first one home, but sadly, it looked awful on me and it ended up becoming a clothespin bag that I shared with you HERE.

Repurposed Shirt Clothespin Bag
Fast forward 6 months later, and my husband brought me home another crinkly white shirt. “Yay!”, was immediately followed by “Awww!”, once I tried it on.  Once again, the hanger wore it better.

Crinkled Cotton White Shirt

I was disappointed because this one had an old-fashioned look that I loved.  I folded the shirt up and added it to my stack to donate back to the thrift store.

A week or so later, I brought home this little footstool from a yard sale.  I like the little hooked rug top, but the fabric that attached it to the stool was getting weak, causing it to tear away from the staples that held it.

hooked rug foot stool
I thought about covering it with either a printed burlap bag or some canvas, but I remembered that white shirt and decided if it couldn’t look good on me, gosh-darn, it would look good on this little stool.  I painted the cute little legs bright white with chalk-style paint, then fused the shirt to some white fabric, since the shirt is somewhat see-through.  I stitched the opening closed along the buttons, so it wouldn’t pull open on the stool, then cut it in a circle and stapled it on the stool.
Repurposed Shirt Footstool Makeover It gives the footstool an old-fashioned look now that I love.  I’m glad it looks good on something!


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  1. That is just adorable! Just a great idea 🙂

  2. The shirt looks gorgeous on your stool. Love it! I have the same problem with blouses…all blouses. I love them but they just don’t look good on me…I think it’s a saggy boob thing for me! Something your firm and perky stool will never have to worry about.

  3. Cute idea. I usually save clothes in fabrics I like for projects.

  4. Aw, the little stool wears it well. (haha Melinda ^ ) I seem to have the same problem with those kind of shirts! This was a great idea, Angie. Super cute.

  5. ottima idea……da copiare…….bravaaaa

  6. Very clever, Angie!

  7. Great use of the adorable shirt. I love it now and it looks like it fits perfect:)

  8. That’s just adorable, what a creative way to repurpose something you like.

  9. Your stool looks really cute! I love bringing my wife home little gifts too from yard sales, etc. She stays busy doing other things and usually can’t go. I love the little excited look she has when I hand her a new find!

  10. Love the stool all dressed up with the shirt. Brilliant idea …
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Your so cleverly creative Angie, Great idea! Love it!

  12. How cute is that?? ADORABLE Angie!

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