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I hope you all aren’t sick of seeing my tiered stands, because I have several more to show you – it’s what my husband and I worked on last week.
Repurposed colander strainer tiered stand by Knick of Time
I had a waiting list of people who have requested them through my shop, so my husband and I have been making them as quickly I come across the right components to make them. 
I love the patina on these kitchen colanders paired with the white spindles.
Repurposed Kitchen Strainer Tiered Stand by Knick of Time  
I generally design 2-tier stands, but we decided to do a few 3-tier ones, like this enamelware one with black edges.
Enamelware Tiered Stand by Knick of Time

I love the chips and wear on old enamelware.

Vintage Enamelware Tiered Stand by Knick of Time

Ironstone Pitcher and Enamelware bowl tiered stand by Knick of Time

Enamelware Repurposed Tiered Stand by Knick of Time

I have quite a few old bundt pans, but they are a little more challenging to work with, since most spindles won’t fit through the center.

Repurposed Pans Tiered Stand by Knick of Time

My husband figured it out though.  This one has the prettiest patina.

Repurposed bundt baking pan tiered stand by Knick of Time

My best-sellers are always the enamelware stands though.  They always sell the same day I list them.

As I’ve mentioned before, my two older sons are attending the same college and share an apartment together.  I don’t like how far away they are from home, but I am really glad that at least they are together.  I had to laugh because they bought a coffee maker and made their own coffee for the first time.  Their sister makes coffee every day, but they’ve always just bought theirs in the past.  You’d think think they bought the most amazing machine on earth.

 Boys…gotta love them!


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  1. Haha- your boys and the coffee maker! Sometimes even the basic things can be pretty exciting 🙂
    Always love your tiered stands!

  2. I love your tiered pans and I love enamel ware Angie. I made a giant one a few years ago with a pepper shaker as the post and pizza trays, it worked great! I experimented with a double bundt pan the other day, I used the plumbers clamps to hold the bundt centers around the post. Thanks for your amazing inspiration!

  3. I love each one of your stands, so I can’t wait to see some more! And at least now you know what sort of gifts to give your sons to go along with food items…. coffee stuff.

  4. Your stands are so nice … I really love the one with the kitchen colanders.

    AND … your boys are so cute. Amazing how fast they grow up once they are on their own.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. I love your creative and interesting stands. They’ve inspired me to go out and dig through my pile to see what I can come up with. Fun pictures of your proud coffee maker boys!

  6. lol…..I miss my boys too….and I love those stands!

  7. I love your stands and your boys really made me laugh. When we live without something for a while, it just seems amazing to have it!

  8. You make the neatest things! I am amazed at your massive creativity.

  9. I love these, especially the enamelware ones! Very inventive!

  10. I could never tire of your fabulous stands. They are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Andrea keiningham says

    How did you put the tiers together. Somehow missed that part. Thx

    • Andrew, we use double-ended screws and E6000 glue, with round wood plaques between each tier (under bowls).

      • Lol, I was hoping someone else asked, because I wasn’t sure if it’d be rude to ask, seeing as you sell them! So, thank you so much for answering that! I’ve tried so many different ways, and they’d fall apart the second I bumped one too hard. I tried every epoxy known to man, lol, and a few different glues. My bf recently looked and said Why not screws? I thought, Noo, that can’t possibly work, can it?! Lol! I guess it can! Thank you again, I have a good 3 to fix now, lol, with screws & good ole E6000!

  12. Angie I love your tiered stands. I have been up various pieces to try and make one someday.


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