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Farewell 2013 – HELLO 2014! Vintage Clock Face Printable

2013 was a wonderful and memorable year for me, and I’m eagerly looking forward to what 2014 has in store. Today’s printable image is a vintage clock face.  It’s a PNG image, so you can layer it digitally over other images.  This isn’t an image that can be enlarged, or the numbers will become pixelated.   The original face is attached to a rounded piece of galvanized metal, so I couldn’t lay it flat on my scanner to get a {Read More}

Knick of Time Tuesday #118 – Vintage Inspiration Party

Welcome to Knick of Time Tuesday! I hope you all have had a more productive day than I have. I spent the morning packaging and shipping orders, and spent the afternoon being indecisive about projects I’m working on.  To paint or not to paint?  Which fabric to use?  I just couldn’t make up my mind about anything, and I spent entirely too much time in internet la-la land.   While I continue trying to accomplish something, take a look at some {Read More}

On the Workbench and In the Shop

With Christmas last week, I didn’t create many new things, but I did quite a few fun finds on Saturday when I visited one of my favorite thrift stores. I’ve never seen this game before, but it’s a Sentence Cube Game from 1971, made by the Scrabble company.   It has 21 wooden cubes which players try to form sentences with before the sand in the included time runs out.  I’m going to try to take my kids into playing {Read More}

Sonday – {What Then?} Antique Hymn Page Printable

I’ve never heard this hymn before, but it asks the question every person in the world needs to ask him or herself…What Then? Blessings, Angie

Royalty Free Antique Graphics – Egg-O-See & Ketchup Advertisements

Since I normally share antique images on Wednesdays, but didn’t this week because of Christmas, I thought I’d share a few with you today.  Both of these charming advertisements came from some early 1900’s magazines.  Enjoy and let me know if you use them on any projects! Many more free printable antique advertisements can be found HERE. Blessings, Angie

2013 – The Year in Review

I’ve enjoyed the last several days of being lazy and enjoying having my kids all home for Christmas.  I’m one of those people who can’t wait to put Christmas decorations up right after Thanksgiving, and can’t wait to take them down the day after Christmas.  I feel like I can’t work on any new projects or function normally until the house is back to normal – even if normal is messy, so today my focus was putting things away.  The {Read More}

Repurposed Headboard Coat Rack & 4 Instant Art Prints – Nothing Goes to Waste

Today I thought I’d share how I get the most “mileage” out of some of the “junk” I bring home from auctions, yard sales and thrift stores.  It’s taken awhile, but my husband has finally stopped asking me why I save every little piece of salvaged junk that I think I could possibly find a future use for. I’m really not a hoarder, because I truly use all my bits and pieces eventually, and if I don’t find a use {Read More}

Iced In, Cleaning, a Christmas Play and a Birthday

I’m sure there are many of you who have your shopping done, and the gifts are wrapped, and the cookies are baked and your homes are clean, and I really wish I could say I was one of you, but I’m working on it! My youngest son had 2 basketball games and a Christmas play with our homeschool group last week, which made for a hectic, but fun week.  I had a lot of projects to finish up, but on {Read More}

World Travels – Repurposed Antique Suitcase & Map Pages Mixed Media Wall Art

During the summer, when my sister and her 4 kids came for a visit, I showed you the bounty of “junk” my nephew had found near his house and brought for me (here). One of the things he brought, was the tattered remains from a small antique suitcase.  The only thing left was the wooden edges and metal corner brackets, and just a bit of the original cardboard. I loved it  – especially the brackets and wanted to come up {Read More}

Milk and Cream Co. Chair & Christmas Games

Last week, my husband and I went to an auction and I brought home 4 chairs and a step-stool.  Of those 4 chairs, two were very stable, usable chairs, one can be fixed and I’ll repurpose the parts from the fourth chair into new creations.   This chair is nearly identical to a set of kitchen chairs we have.  It’s just slightly smaller.  The only problem with it was that the varnish looked terrible. I used Blue Minerals to create {Read More}