Christmas Signs on Repurposed Things

I guess I’m a poor planner, because it never occurs to me to work on Christmas projects a few months in advance, so I have them ready to list in my shop BEFORE the holiday season starts, but every year, around late November, I realize I haven’t created anything for the Christmas season to sell.  This year was no exception, so I’ve only created a few signs, and I’m not sure I’ll make any more, since most people have already decorated their home, or will pretty quickly, but I thought I’d show you the few I did create.
This Sleigh Rides sign was made from a portion of an antique bed side rail.  It has sold.  I’d love to make another one for myself, because I love the font and wording.

Sleigh Ride Sign and Salvaged Wood by Knick of Time |

I found a cute little china platter at a thrift store, and decided to turn it into a sign as well.
Antique Ironstone Plate with Christmas Message by Knick of Time |

It shows lots of aging, which I love.

I’ve had several wreaths sell over the last few weeks, so I’ve been busy working on them.  I enjoy making them, but they are fairly time-consuming, so I take book pages with me when I go to my son’s basketball games, and sit on the bench folding them, while yelling at the same time – I’m a multi-tasker!

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  1. I love your painted signs, Angie! The painted platter would look fabulous on a wall, or on a plate stand!

  2. I love anything re-purposed but for some reason Christmas signs look the best because they look like they have been pulled out year after year after year. Darling!

  3. That centerpiece is just beautiful. You are such a good sign maker. No wonder they are selling really well. Love them all.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Your signs are really wonderful, Angie!

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  6. Love the signs and platters Angie – how did you attach that ribbon to your platter. It looks so good.

  7. information of interest

  8. Great signs!

  9. These signs are really lovely, Angie! Adore the shades of red, what a fantastic pop!

  10. I forgot to start early this year, too, Angie. Which meant scrambling to fill the booth for Christmas. I love your signs, they look wonderful! And as always, your book page wreath is gorgeous.
    Debbie 🙂

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