Repurposed Serving Tray into Magnetic Wall Chalkboard

You’d think since I’ve been busily working on Christmas projects this week, that my house looks very festive, but BECAUSE I’ve been working on Christmas projects, my house is a d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r.  Last night, my husband poured himself a bowl of cereal, looked around, and stated, “There’s no place to sit in this house.”…and went back to our bedroom to eat, sitting on our bed.

Yes…I felt a little guilty, but my workshop isn’t heated, so I have no choice but to use my kitchen table…and counters…and chairs, and any other surface I can find to paint and hammer and pack boxes that need to be shipped.  

Then there’s all the stuff I brought home from the auction over the weekend.  We carried everything into the living room and kitchen – and I bought enough to fill my Jeep, so it was a lot of stuff.  I’ve been trying to work my way through everything as quickly as I possibly can, and get it out of our living area, so expect to see a lot of projects soon that I’m {re}creating out of “junk”.
Repurposed metal serving tray into magnetic wall chalkboard -
A few weeks ago, I bought this serving tray at a thrift store.  I have nothing against geese, but seeing them in scarves just wasn’t working for me.

I spray painted the whole tray with flat black paint, then brush painted just the front with chalkboard paint.  I glued some red stripe twill tape as a bow and hanger.  I like that it can now be used as both a chalkboard and a magnet board, and still looks festive.

Are you working on any projects and your house is a disaster too, or is your house looking clean and festive looking?  I’m not sure I want to know the answer, but maybe hearing about your clean and festive homes will motivate me to get mine looking that way!

Repurposed Serving Tray into Magnetic Wall Chalkboard


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  1. I cleaned it all up on Monday – couldn’t take the mess anymore…all projects aren’t done…but that’s the way it is…luckily I have an office (which is heated) and a studio (which is not) to stash everything away…
    I adore what you did with the tray…those geese need to be set free…

  2. Since I married a man named Gander just about the time that geese were appearing in all manner of kitchen things, you can bet that when I came across the tray like you found at the thrift store, I was quite pleased. It is definitely out of fashion now but it gives my family a nostalgic pleasure when it comes out with all the rest of the decorations every Christmas and I don’t think they would love it if I painted it over with chalk board paint. Love your makeover but the my geese will have to stay wrapped in their scarves. lol

  3. Much better. I love trays!

  4. Yeah, the geese had to go. Love the new board, ready for all your Christmas messages and yes, my house is a total dump. It is half decorated and half undecorated. Family all coming her in three days and I promised myself I would make gifts. So got a little time to do that…I’m thinking chalkboards, yes I am

  5. Cute tray, I have some pine cone ones I should really turn into magnet boards. And sorry, but I can’t motivate you.

  6. Thanks for sharing , So cute, I don’t know I’d have seen any potential in the metal trays! I’ll have my eyes open for the ugly trays come spring yard sales!

  7. Love the tray! No,motivation here. My house is a disaster too. Looks like the Christmas train wrecked, dumping decorations and half finished projects all over the house! I did manage to get the tree up though. The last few years, we have had a small table top tree,and my 13-year-old daughter (who is high functioning autistic) has been having a fit about the dinky tree. She saw some four foot fakes in Kmart the other day, and told me that one of those would be ok. Well, I wasn’t going to spend the money on another tree, but i did have something at home…I took a tomato cage that has seen better days and wrapped it in some old garland…instant four foot tree! She loves it!

  8. i love it – really ♥!! that ribbon makes it just perfect. I’ve chalked many a tray but never thought of just painting it black first – duh! You’re brilliant!


  9. I am so glad someone else’s home is decorated like ours, lol! I was scheduled to do a show last weekend and the weather kept me home. Added in another show this weekend that was postponed from last week and just kept creating. Now we’re supposed to get ice tomorrow evening, don’t know if this show will happen. The redeeming part is we’re going out of town for Christmas so I’m not hosting. Enjoy the holiday, decorated or not. Amy Trinkle from Les Chiffonnieres “The Lady Junk Merchants of Southern Illinois”

  10. Have a great Christmas. Good thing camera picture is looking straight ahead and not giving a 360 degree view isn’t it. That reminds me, I need to clean house too, seems every flat surface automatically accumulates a lot of stuff.

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