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In addition to a wonderful old hymn, I also wanted to share the cover of the hymn book it came from.  I think it’s beautiful in its aged appearance.  I hope you all have a blessed Sunday and enjoy the freedom we have to worship God in our country.



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  1. Wow, that is a wonderful book Angie!! I have several old hymn books that belonged to my great grandmother and great uncle going back the the late 1800s with their handwritten notes inside. They are so special to me. Thankful for freedom to worship:-)

  2. What a wonderful blog – I am getting so many ideas from it!
    Also love that you can SPELL – “its” spelled correctly TWICE – gotta be a blog record!
    If only everyone could understand that the possessive of “it” does not require an apostrophe! It makes me craaazzzyyy.
    (Sorry, I’m a bit of an OCD Grammar Freak).
    Lovin’ your stuff.
    Nan in Toronto

  3. I love this song. I wish it was included in our new hymnals. I remember as a child singing it after a big meal at church. The melody is beautiful and so are the words. I too am thankful for religious freedoms.

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