Can You Guess The Mystery Parts?

Before I tell you much about the sign I made over the weekend, I’m wondering how many of you can guess what the parts were originally part of.  If I didn’t already know, there’s no way I would have guessed, but I’m curious if any of you can.
Barn Wood Farmer's Market Sign by

Here’s what the pieces look like up close.  Any guesses?
Okay, don’t peek yet, but I’ll give you the answer at the end of the post.  Anyway, recently, I bought two old barn gates from a seller on Craigslist.  I don’t check Craigslist on a regular basis, but I’m glad I checked that day.  I’ve  been needing some more aged wood to create more wall bins, so these gates would be perfect.
Antique Barn Wood Door via
I created two wall bins from one of the planks, and am getting ready to make a third one from another one of the planks, so that left me with half of a plank.  I decided to turn it into a sign.  I painted, “Farmer’s Market” on the wood, but it seemed to need a little something else….
Barn Wood Farmer's Market Sign by

and I had the perfect something.  I had just taken apart something that’s been sitting around my house for several years.  It really wasn’t something very decorative, and it was constantly falling over, so it was time to just dismantle it and use the parts.  Have you guessed what these pretty parts came from yet?

Barn Wood Farmer's Market Sign by
It was an antique Bissell floor sweeper.  This photo isn’t my sweeper, because I forgot to take a photo before I took it apart, but mine was just like it.  When I brought it  home from an auction several years ago, no one bid on it, so it got added to another item I did bid on, which is how I ended up with it in the first place.  I’m just happy I found a use for some of the parts.  I still have 2 of the adorable wheels, as well as the handle, so I’m brainstorming some ways I can use them.  Did anyone correctly guess this is what they were from?

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  1. I am 100% positive I would not have guessed vintage Bissel!

  2. Never in my lifetime would I have guessed. Have not seen on of those sweepers in years. Anyway, just perfect for that sign and already SOLD. Good job.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Hi Angie, I would have never guessed that. The pieces are beautiful and were a great addition to your lovely sign.

  4. You know you’re a genius – right !! You really are – right !!

  5. Oh wow, I love this! I’m usually pretty good with identifying mystery items, but I never would have guessed.

  6. Oh wow…I would have never guessed this one. Great idea to take it apart and repurpose some goodies from it.


  7. You are amazing!!! I don’t think I would have ever thought to use the ends of the antique floor sweeper (and I didn’t even know Bissel had been around that long) for a project. Love it!!

  8. Great sign Angie! I’ve never seen a bissel like that. How creative to use the ends on the sign. Love it!
    Adina @ Simply Country Life

  9. Angie, You are so creative! Who would have guessed the parts came from a old Bissel. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. I’m so glad you posted this! I was looking at the sign on your link party post and was wondering what in the world they came from. I probably would have guessed an antique sewing machine or something. Beautiful use of them!!

  11. Love this! But confused about your comment at the end. May I still post a link to your Facebook or blog with my friends or is that forbidden? I don’t want to be known as a thief!! ?
    Mary @ Prairie Treasure

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