Salvaged Wood Display Shelf

Yawn…I must be getting old, because I used to work on projects until the wee hours of the morning, but lately I can barely keep my eyes open until 10.  I’m hoping once the daylight starts lasting longer, I’ll have more energy, because I am a night owl by nature, and can’t seem to accomplish much lately.  That has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post, it just explains to you why if you notice me posting less frequently, it’s because I’m sleeping, instead of working.
Rustic Salvaged Wood Farmhouse Shelf by Knick of Time/
Anyway, over a year ago, I brought home oodles and oodles of antique windows, which I’ve been selling in my online shop, as well as creating signs with.  Some of them had broken glass, and usually I convert those into chalkboards, but I felt like doing something different with the frame from this window.
Rustic Salvaged Wood Shelf Display by Knick of Time
My husband had torn a bunch of really old boards out of my soon-to-be-finished (I hope) guest house/photo studio, so he could insulate inside the walls.  The salvaged wood boards have a wonderful, rustic texture, which I thought complimented the window frame, so I just cut them to length, and screwed them to the back.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it at that point, but I spotted two shelf brackets in my “stuff stash” and two antique doors that I brought home from an auction in the fall.  The doors have wonderful chippy white paint, so I asked my husband to disassemble one door, so I could use one of the pieces to make a shelf.

I mounted the board on the brackets and screwed it onto the wood.  At first, I thought I’d list it in my shop, but I really love how it looks hanging in my kitchen with my ironstone pitchers on it, so I think I’ll hang onto it for awhile.

I’m off to la-la land now…zzzzz.

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  1. I love the shelf, the back wood, the window frame, the white kitchen stuff, and I say keep it.

  2. Very cool, Angie! Your pitchers look perfect against the rustic wood.

  3. nice. love old wood.

    be blessed

  4. Angie, this is awesome! You make everything look so easy, great piece!!

  5. We have an old horse barn that just caved in because of the heavy snow this winter. (Hasn’t been used for livestock for years). I love what you did with those barn boards. I can always come here for great ideas. Now if I can just get through the snow to peel off some of those great old weathered boards!!

  6. Wow, I really, REALLY love this!

  7. The shelf is amazing!

  8. Looks beautiful, great idea Angie !!

    Have a nice weekend.


  9. This is one of my new favorite things, Angie! It’s so gorgeous 🙂

  10. It’s definitely a keeper! Love its repurposed, chippy charm and the things you put on top!

  11. Love this!! I hope to re-do my kitchen this summer and have been thinking about how to display the neat old kitchen utensils that my grandma left me. This would be perfect- a shelf plus some hooks to hang the old metal measuring cups.
    Katie @ Katie’s Farm

  12. Wow! I can see why you didn’t want to give that handsome shelf design up…it’s great! Thanks for sharing how you made it. I saw your post as it was featured over at “Coastal Charm” blog party,. Congrats!

  13. turned out so wonderful, love the different shades of the wood planks!

  14. Angie, LOVE your shelf!!! You come up with the best ideas. The display is gorgeous!
    Happy Easter,

  15. I love the way this came together…so charming!

  16. I would like to have this made for my new kitchen. What are the overall dimensions of the salvaged wood shelf? How wide/deep is the actual shelf itself? Thanks!

  17. Love it! The old wood is such a lovely backdrop for the pitchers! Thanks so much for linking up to Project Challenge!

  18. Angie, that is so cute! I love it so much – thanks for linking it up at our Reclaimed Wood party!

  19. This is beautiful! I love rustic items – this is one more project to add to my ever growing number “to try” list!

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