Antique Hymn Printable for Father’s Day {Faith of our Fathers}

With Father’s Day coming soon, I wanted to share this beautiful old hymn early enough that it could be used to create a gift, or card, or even used with a photo, in remembrance of a father that has passed away.  
I realize that most people haven’t had the blessing of growing up with a Godly father {if you did, I hope you are extremely thankful for that}, but we can all be grateful that men through the ages, found the Savior worth any cost they might pay, to truly live out their faith – they were a witness to their family, friends, neighbors and people they would never meet – they were spiritual “fathers” for all of us.  Looking at the lives of people like John Bunyan, the Apostles Peter & Paul, and other martyrs for Christ, put me to shame.  The walked their talk…to the point of death for many of them.  I often wonder, if put to that kind of test, would my faith prevail? Beyond wondering, I know I need to strengthen my faith, so that regardless of whether I am ever put to a test, others could look at my life and get a glimpse of the Lord.  I am no where near being a good reflection of Him.  I don’t say that in an attempt to sound humble – it’s a fact, but I am asking the Lord not to give up on me.  I want to be like him, but I am weak, and I fail more than I overcome.  Still…this is my prayer.  I want to be found true to him…til death.

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  1. Good morning Angie! Now you have me humming that song. Thanks for all these great Hymns. And I SO MUCH agree with your thoughts….. I am not worthy of the trials that ‘our fathers’ went through to keep the faith alive. I am not doing my part. 🙁
    I need to be filled with the Spirit each day, because I leak like a sieve. But one step… one step… I try to keep moving toward Him. Why is it such a struggle? whew.

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