Salvaged Metal and Wood Sign, Answered Questions about the Guest Room & the Nightmare on the Other Side

A few weeks ago, I shared some industrial style inspiration I found while vacation.
One of the things I fell in love with, was this sign made of corrugated metal and a wood frame.  I added it to my “must make” list of things to do when I got back home.
Corrugated Metal Sign via
I knew I had some corrugated metal (leftover from my guest room remodel), and my nephew gave me an antique wood frame, that he found in the abandoned house behind his home, so I knew I was meant to make a similar sign!

I decided to make mine say, “Fresh Pies” instead.

Here’s how it looks hanging in my guest room.

Speaking of my guest room, you all made my day with all your sweet compliments about it.  Heck, you made my week!  My mom is comfortably settled in it during her visit and she said she has been sleeping great!  There were some questions asked in the comments, so I wanted to follow up with them in a post, rather than responding via email, so everyone could read them.

Several people asked to see a photo of the room that showed more of the whole space, so they could compare it to the before photo side by side, so I took this shot of it.  My mom and niece are staying in it, so their belongings are scattered in there, but you get the idea.

Someone asked if “critters” will be a problem, since it is an outbuilding.  The answer is – I hope not!  My husband did a really good job of sealing up the room, so I hope that keeps them out.  We also have 2 outdoor cats that are mighty hunters.  The only problem is, the bring their “prizes” right up to the main house and leave them in the yard, but I’m glad to know they are working hard to keep the critters away.

Before this room became a complete junk storage room, I actually used it for an office for about a year.  The problem was, it was sweltering in the summer, freezing in the winter, and the roof leaked in 3 places.  My husband bought some salvaged metal roofing to fix the leaking problem.  You can see, all the pieces are different colors.  We’ll be painting those!  Previously, there also wasn’t a soffit around the edge of the roof, so the honeysuckle growing outside the building, came straight up the walls, and into the room, so he added one, and fixed that problem.  I love the honeysuckle, but don’t want it trying to grow inside the room.  He also still needs to finish installing the vinyl siding on this wall.  The whole building needs new siding, but we were just trying to get this part of the building done first, and most of the rest of the building isn’t at all visible, so we aren’t in a rush.

A lot of you suggested that I rent the room out as a bed and breakfast room.  I hate to cook, so there’s no chance of anyone getting a nice breakfast from me!

Now, you’ll be horrified to see that the other room in this outbuilding looks like this…

It is stuffed, nearly to the rafters, with JUNK, and it has about a 6-inch wide path winding through it to walk through.  I wish I could say that it’s going to get remodeled soon, but we already have several other projects lined up, so the best I can hope for is to get it slightly organized and cleaned up, so at least I can do some work in it.

Image Map 

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  1. I was hoping the update would include an invitation to stay. I still am loving this space. ESPECIALLY now I know there is a treasure room attached!

  2. I’m with Donna! The treasure room looks fun too! Love the sign.

  3. I love these so much, you are a true inspiration!

  4. PS–come link up ;)!

  5. I love this room so much, Angie…and the other space…well, that looks like my garage.

  6. Love the room!! My husband and I have been working for the past six months on a shed/guest room. Looks to be about the same size – we kept the other side for lawn mower, garden tools, junk…. We had a new metal roof put on our house and used the leftovers to start the room. One wall is galvanized steel that surrounded the roofing material when it came. We found lots of stuff at Habitat for Humanity – ReStore. We hope to finish it in the next couple of months. I hope it looks half as good as yours. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m ready to start painting soon…..

  7. You got all that done and a vacation too? You are good girlfriend! I love the sign and your use of corrugated metal throughout.

  8. Your guest house turned out amazing! I’m happy for you that you can get your hubby on board for all these projects! Keep them coming!

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  10. Wow Angie, what a gorgeous transformation and how cool to have a guest house! If your Mom and niece haven’t come running out screaming yet, chances are you don’t have critters. I love your metal signs as well!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  11. Love this Angie! I want to dig around in that shed 🙂

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