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Turn an Old Barn Photo Reprint into a Salvaged Wood Wall Hook

On Saturday, I shared a free printable of a photo I took of an old barn near us, and promised to show you what I did with the image.   I turned it into a wall hook, using some salvaged wood that was inside our barn!  I’m not sure what the wood was from originally, but there was a decent size stack of it in the loft of our barn when we moved in, which I didn’t even realize until I {Read More}

This Old Barn’s for You! Old Barn Photograph Printable

I realized last week, that I had taken very few outdoor photographs, and knowing nice weather won’t last forever, I decided to head outdoors and get some shots at pretty places nearby.  Just down the gravel road from my house, sits an old barn.  I used it as a backdrop in my son’s senior photos.

Same Story…Different Year { Family Photos }

The same thing happens once every year.   I announce to the family that it is time to get family photos taken…by me.   A universal groan raises the roof, and all the griping begins.  This sets the tone for our family photo shoot every.single.year.   I think many of you mothers will relate to the ordeal, but those of you who: a)  hire a photographer or go to a studio, or                     {Read More}

Canvas Photo Transfer

I’ve been working on some new photo image transfer projects recently.  Usually, I transfer my images onto wood, but a customer requested one on canvas, which I hadn’t done before, so I wanted to try it.  I love how it turned out.

Easy Canvas Prints Custom Photo Canvas GIVEAWAY

Recently, I told my Facebook fans that as soon as my page hit 10,000 followers, I’d have a giveaway to celebrate, and we reached that milestone today! Easy Canvas Prints is generously offering  a 16 x 20 free custom photo canvas with free shipping to the winner, a prize valued at $90.

Vintage Inspiration Party # 152

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party (VIP)!  So glad to have you join us!  Your links will show up on 3 blogs, Knick of Time, My Salvaged Treasures and Beyond the Picket Fence, and next week we have another incredible blog joining us as a co-host! I was just thinking about the “initials” VIP, and aside from Vintage Inspiration Party, it could also stand for Very Incredible Projects, because I’m amazed each week at all the creative repurposed and upcycled projects {Read More}

British Inspired Teen Bedroom Makeover

Whenever I’m giving a room a makeover, I’m always flying by the seat of my pants, with only a general idea of the look I’m going for.  I figure it out as I go, and as I root through my house and workshop to see what I have to work with, but this time it was a doozy. You see, a few weeks ago, I decided to give our bedroom a makeover.  We haven’t done a single thing to it, since {Read More}

I’m a Vintage Rulers Hoarder

I know there’s a name for people who stockpile things they don’t use, and I guess I’m one of them, because I have accumulated a stockpile of vintage rulers and yardsticks, but I almost never actually use them.   They’ve gotten a bit pricey in the last few years, so I kept waiting for the absolute perfect project to use them on.  I finally realized if I wait much longer, they their popularity as a crafting trend may end, and {Read More}

Antique Farmhouse Inspired Horse Head Mount

Several years ago, I brought home a pitiful little antique rocking horse from an auction.  My plan was to try to replace his missing and broken legs, strip off what was left of the loose veneer on the sides and repaint him, but I never got around to doing it.  Eventually, I did remove the rocking base, and used it to make an Apothecary Bottle Display, but the rest of it has just been hanging on a wall in my {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party #151- the Antique, Vintage, Repurposed & Upcycled Link Party

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party, hosted by Knick of Time, Beyond the Picket Fence & My Salvaged Treasures!  We’re so glad you’re here! This is the party to share all of your Vintage (or vintage-inspired) Repurposed & Upcycled Projects!  Old stuff is awesome, isn’t it?!!  We can’t wait to see what vintage inspired projects you have to share this week! vin-tage (adj.)  1.) used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its {Read More}