British Inspired Teen Bedroom Makeover

Whenever I’m giving a room a makeover, I’m always flying by the seat of my pants, with only a general idea of the look I’m going for.  I figure it out as I go, and as I root through my house and workshop to see what I have to work with, but this time it was a doozy.

You see, a few weeks ago, I decided to give our bedroom a makeover.  We haven’t done a single thing to it, since the day we moved in, over 2-1/2 years ago.   I even posted this horribly embarrassing photo on my Facebook page, stating that my goal was to have those glossy, pine-paneled walls painted and this room looking awesome in one week, but then something happened…

Bedroom Before Remodel via Knick of Time

We bought white paint, and started painting one of the walls.  I could tell I was going to like the color, but I realized I wasn’t excited about giving our room a makeover, because I don’t like the room.  Our house doesn’t have any true master bedrooms.  There are 4 bedrooms – all small, and when we moved in, we just picked one, and the kids all went in the other ones.  None of the rooms were good choices for my husband and I, because our bed has a head and foot board that are large, which makes the bed take up a lot of space, and there is very little room to walk around it .  There’s just barely room to fit the bed and a dresser, and the closet is only large enough for my clothes.  My husband had to put his clothes in another closet that is part of the living room.

I stood there feeling frustrated, but an idea occurred to me.   Rather than settling for a room I knew I would never love, I asked my husband if we could instead remodel this room for my youngest son instead.  He was away at church camp, so we could move all of our things into his bedroom, and surprise him with a new and remodeled room when he came home.  My husband is so easy-going and agrees to most of my spur of the moment ideas, and agreed to it.

So…instead of showing you MY room makeover (which will now be added back onto the to-do list), I’m showing your our teen’s room makeover instead.

Bedroom Door

Remember that glossy, pine-paneled wall?   Well, this is what it looks like now!  My son loves the colors black and gray, , so we repainted all the walls gray, repainted the ceiling (and ceiling fan) bright white, and added crown moulding, then I had the fun of deciding how to decorate the room for him.

Teen Room Makeover Denim Blue Gray British Theme

He loves all things British, so I made him the Union Jack Sign I showed you a few weeks ago, and that became the basis for the theme for the room.  We wanted to keep expenses to a bare minimum, so other than purchasing just a few small and inexpensive items, I used things we already had, or repainted or repurposed many of them for the decor and furniture.

Union Jack Flag Sign

Several years ago, my mom made my son a quilt from old jeans, and the shades of blue tied in perfectly with the sign, and worked well with the gray walls.

Repurposed Jeans Denim Quilt

I bought him a new black sheet set, used one of my grain sacks for another pillow case, and brought in a Union Jack pillow from Elliott-Heath Designs, that I’d been hiding away as a gift.

British and Grain Sack Pillow

At the foot of his bed, is the grocery cart I turned into a laundry cart for him.

Industrial Laundry Cart

I took the easiest route possible for curtains, and bought a large drop cloth.  I didn’t do any sewing at all – I just put a few coat hooks (also from Hobby Lobby), up, and draped the cloth over them.  Quick and easy!

Drop Cloth Curtains

Remember the dresser makeover I showed you?  The dresser looks great in his room now.  I purchased 2 metal baskets (when they were half off) from Hobby Lobby to fit inside the space where we removed the 2 top drawers.

Upcycled Dresser Shelf via Knick of Time

We used one of the drawers to create a night stand.  My husband attached legs at the bottom of the drawer, and added a hinged top, so my son can store things inside the drawer, then I repainted it in the same black color as the dresser.  It’s attached to the wall.

Teen Boy Room Makeover

The other drawer got turned into a wall shelf.

Repurposed Drawer Shelf

My son loves Sherlock Holmes, so I decoupaged pages from an old book inside the drawer and it makes a perfect display for his violin.  He starts violin lessons this week, so he’s super excited about that.

Repurposed Drawer Shelf

His skateboard’s are usually just leaning against the wall in his room, so to get them off the floor, I added hooks to an old piece of barn wood to hang them up on the wall next to his dresser.

Salvaged Barn Wood Skateboard Holder

The old wooden doors look beautiful now, freshly painted bright white.

Gray Teen Room Makeover via Knick of Time

When my son got back from camp, we didn’t say anything to him – we wanted him to be surprised.   He walked back to his old room, found our bed in it, then walked to our old room, and freaked out, in a good way.  I had to restrain myself from putting too much of my style on his room, because he doesn’t like the vintage look as much as I do, and I had to respect his style.  He totally loved the Union Jack sign, and the dresser.  I also framed a vintage map of London, which is hanging above his bed.

Vintage London Map

The only thing he was unsure about, was an old black window screen, that I hung as a magnet board next to his bed.  I just didn’t have anything else the right size for the space, and it looked too empty to leave it blank.  I asked him to live with it for a little while, to see if it grows on him.  I suspect it won’t, but I think he’s already gotten used to it being there, and won’t care if it doesn’t come down.

Repurposed Screen Window Magnet Board

He did like the little Tim Holtz gears that I turned into magnets for it though!

Tim Holtz Gears Magnet

So, even though I’m back in another tiny bedroom, without much room to walk around our bed, I’m glad at least I know eventually I’ll be in a larger room that will hold our furniture more comfortably, and I know I’ll love it.  I just have to be a little more patient.



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British Teen Room Makeover via Knick of Time

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  1. Linsey @ Farmhouse Porch says

    WoW!! You never cease to amaze Angie! It’s fantastic!! Love the colors and every detail. Your son is a lucky boy 😀

  2. What an awesome surprise for your son, Angie! It looks so great!

  3. Awesome. I’m glad you included his reaction, now I don’t have to ask. Instead I’ll ask when you are starting on your new room?

  4. Erin Kaven says

    great job. lots of ideas. I know he was thrilled. btw the quilt reminds me of a pair of jeans I had in high school in the 70’s. love it.

  5. Fabulous job and it is so creative! Anyone can do what you did here if they just think about resue. Love that union jack wall art and pillow. Plus, your Mom did a wonderful job on the quilt. This space is loaded with character too.

  6. what a wonderful surprise for your son – and it all looks so great (love how you used the two spare drawers!) but don’t deny yourself your own special bedroom – you deserve it!

  7. Excellent job Angie! He is going to love it!!

  8. Wonderful makeover!! I think it’s perfect from a young son, but I do have to ask whose idea it was for violin lessons? I love the violin and would love my son to someday take lessons (he’s 3 now). Let me know if your son enjoys it!

  9. Angie, W

    What a great room! You did an amazing job re-styling, keeping his taste in mind balancing the vintage look of the rest of your place.

    What a nice surprise for him. I am praying you are flooded with great inspiration for your room. I just know in time ideas will come your way to make the space you have your own.

    Have a great week!


  10. What a great surprise Angie! I live in a very old house that has very small bedrooms too and we can only fit a queen size bed in our bedroom ( my husband is 6’3″) so I totally understand the no room thing!

  11. Beverley Leonie says

    What a fabulous makeover! So much creativity every step of the way. Such thoughtful and wonderful designing taking into consideration your son’s taste. Applause, applause, applause…you and your husband really did a nice, nice job.

  12. Excellent job, and I just love every one of the details. I’m sure he’s thrilled with his new space.

  13. Angie, this is just wonderful! I bet your son loves it!! Sometimes it’s just good to mix up your spaces! Bravo!

  14. Well I hope he’s happy! I would be. Did I miss the part where you said that you were going break down a wall between two of the bedrooms and make that your master bedroom?

  15. What a fun room! I can’t wait to hear your plans for your room. Part of me wants you to demo two rooms and make one big master suite for yourselves, but the other part of me is desperate for ideas for tiny masters! Ours is about 12’x12′ with a shoe box closet.

  16. Angie … Love the wall color … that quilt your Mom made out of old jeans … the way you hung the skate board … and the violin … love it all. Smart idea to make the drawer into a table. Maybe he would like the screen better if the frame was painted red with gray screen. Really a nice room. Good job.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. What a change . . . and a lot of work! Bet your son loves it. Wonderful projects here. Your mom’s quilt is unique too. Very nice.

  18. Lynne Streich says

    It’s good that you took a picture of it once you were done….if your son is anything like my 3 sons, it’ll never ‘look’ the same 😉 Very very spiffy job!

  19. You did a fabulous job on the room, love the grey walls and the quilt. My bedroom is also on the small side and so I removed our pine ball-post bed and went with just a simple bed frame. It really made a difference in the perceived size of the room.

  20. This is one super cool room, Angie! And the fact that you gave yours up… wow. WOW.

    The denim bed spread… total keeper! My son doesn’t get the junk thing either so I also have to tread lightly in his room. And that would be why it isn’t done! haha

  21. Wow! What an awesome room! Brilliant!

  22. Terri Hughes says

    You did a very nice job on your son’s bedroom. Love the grey walls and what you and your husband did with the dresser and the dresser drawers!


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