Using a Paper Punch as a Stencil to Paint a Fancy Border

I’ve been working on some new Book Page Canvas Wall Art (other designs here), and wanted to dress up the edges.  I use adhesive vinyl to create a stencil to paint the wording, but I didn’t want to use expensive vinyl to create a border, since once I remove it, it isn’t reusable.

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I don’t normally buy many paper punches, because I don’t use them often, but when I spotted this Doily Lace Edge punch by Martha Stewart in Hobby Lobby, I realized it would make a beautiful border.  Hobby Lobby had all paper punches marked down 40%, so I didn’t need a coupon.  I can actually see myself using this punch a lot, so I went ahead and bought it.

Now, there is a right way to use an edge punch, and a wrong way…and I did it the wrong way.  I didn’t realize my mistake until after I’d already finished my project, but I’ll show you my error, as well as the correct way, so you don’t make the same mistake.

The wrong way – I made my first punch, then lined the edge of the metal punch up with the edge of the paper I’d just punched.

The problem is, that left a gap, rather than a continuous lace edge.  I was focused on how pretty the edge looked, and didn’t even notice the gap between each punch.  I used regular copy paper, and just lightly pounced a foam brush with paint on it over the paper, and it worked great.  I made sure not to get too much paint on the brush, so it wouldn’t seep under the edge, or soak through the paper.

Creating a Stencil with a Paper Punch

The correct way –  On the sides of the paper punch is a metallic image of the lace (seen through the punched paper below).  Once you’ve made your first punch, you slide your paper over, lining up your punched paper over that metallic image, to make your next punch, and so on.  There is still a tiny piece of paper there, but that’s to hold the lace edge to the bottom border.  If you don’t need that bottom border, just clip off that tiny connecting piece.  Another tip – I had a problem with my copy paper snagging inside the paper punch, and tearing when I tried to pull it out.  When I used thicker manila envelope, it came out perfect.  The thickness would also help prevent the paint from bleeding through the paper.

Creating a Stencil with a Paper Punch

Even with my mistake, it still looks pretty, but I’ll make sure to do it correctly next time.

Using a Paper Punch as a Stencil

I painted to words to Psalm 91:1, which is my favorite Bible verse on this one, and think the lace border really dressed it up.

Repurposed Book Page Wall Art via Knick of Time

This punch creates such a pretty edge, and I can think of many ways to use it, but here are a few ideas I came across when I searched online.

Beautiful card, with the edges of the paper inked. {source}

Pretty multi-colored edge card {source}

Rainbow Card Idea- Made With Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edge Punch

Roof Shingles on an indoor paper bird house {source}

I can’t wait to come up with more projects to use it on.

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  1. I’m fairly green at making cards and I have a question. I need to make a 4-page card. How do I connect the pages together?


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