Rustic Burlap Banner Printables & a Horse Buggy Shaft

I had planned to share another another Photography Friday today, but it’s been rainy and overcast the last several days, so I’ll wait until the weather clears up, and I can shoot photos outdoors.  I do have another project to share with you though.

My son asked me why I had printed burlap fabric images on paper.  If you wondered why in the world I shared burlap, cork and cardboard texture printables a few days ago, here are my 3 best reasons:

1)  You don’t need to clean up a bunch of burlap fuzz after you cut them out.

2)  It only takes about 5 seconds to add any letter you want to them – no paint  or stencils required.

3)  I created some burlap banner printables, and have them all ready for you…so your part is easy!

Autumn Burlap Banner

These printed beautifully –  you can see all the texture in the weave.

Burlap Fabric Texture

You can choose either the ready-made “GIVE THANKS” letters to print, or use the base image, that is shaped like a pennant, and add your own letters with Picmonkey.

burlap banner pennant

I just punched 2 holes in each pennant, strung them on some cotton twine, added a few grain sack scraps, and mine was done.

grain sack scrap banner

A few years ago, I was the only bidder on the beautiful antique horse buggy shaft that I hung the banner on.   Would you believe, it was only $1?  I love it when everyone else sees something as junk, and I see it as a gem.

Autumn Burlap Banner

It’s pretty large, so I haven’t found a place inside my home to use it, and it’s just been leaning against my barn ever since I brought it home.  We got a load of hay delivered for our horses over the weekend, so I had an instant backdrop for the horse shaft.

horse buggy shaft

My daughter has one made of metal, that is part of the cart she uses to drive her miniature horse, and I far prefer this well-aged wood.  Maybe if she lets hers sit outside for about 50 years, to get nice and rusty, I’ll love hers as much.

horse buggy shaft

{PIN now & PRINT later}

autumn fall burlap banner printables

My Grain Sack Banner Printables are available here.

Is grain sack one word, or two?  I never can decide!

Grain Sack Banner

 More free Thanksgiving printables are HERE.

Thanksgiving Printables and Banners

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  1. Love these Angie. Thanks for sharing.

  2. living on a century farm, I can attest that there’s nothing more ‘comforting’ than OLD WOOD.

  3. Love this Angie … looks so great with your bales of hay. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. vickie maduzia says

    these are so perfect! Just printed the “Give thanks” letters, and hung them on my mantel! thank you so much for doing the work, then sharing with others — you’re a blessing! 🙂

  5. Thank you!! I used your images (and suggestion to use Picmonkey) to create the prettiest banners for my sisters bridal shower. They came out perfect and everyone loved them, most especially her. I wish I could share a picture with you! 😉 Thanks again.

  6. Hi Angie, where can I find the base image of the pennant? I only found the shape that you typed “Give Thanks” on. I love the horse shaft and backdrop! Thanks.

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