Galvanized Metal Pitchers and a Surprise Encounter { It’s a Small World After All }

Last weekend, I went to a business estate auction.  It was held at the same tiny little town I went to photograph my little lace embellished chair, and that’s when I spotted the auction sign.  The auction was mainly really large equipmentand tools, and I only spotted a few things I was interested in, but since we were already there, I decided to stick around and see if I could win on those things that caught my eye.  I didn’t win some, but I did come home with 3 vintage galvanized metal pitchers with spouts, as well as a few other smaller items.

Vintage Galvanized Pitchers

 They are the type that were used to pour oil or gasoline.  All 3 are different, but they each have raised words on the front, telling what measurement of liquid they hold, and they all have such pretty patina.

 This is a taller one with a spout.  It’s available in my online shop HERE.

vintage metal pitcher with spout

This one is also taller, and has a flexible spout.  It’s available HERE.

vintage galvanized oil pitcher

And this is the smallest one.  It’s available HERE.

vintage metal pitcher

I always have a hard time listing things in my shop that I love, but especially when they are a collection of similar pieces that look so pretty displayed together.  I try to remind myself that if something doesn’t sell, it’s mine to keep, and I would never have anything to list in my shop if I didn’t list things I like – because I like them all!  I’m kind of hoping at least one of them doesn’t sell though.  I have all 3 of them on a shelf in my kitchen right now, and they look so at home there.

Clock Divider Large

About my surprise encounter… after I had finished paying for the items I’d won, and was getting ready to leave, a woman approached me, and said, “This might seem like a weird question, but are you Angie…with the Knick of Time blog.”  Now you have to realize that the town where this auction was held, boasts a population of about 125 people (it’s only a few miles from my house), and I only saw about 6 women at the auction (half of whom were workers).  This was a guy kind of auction, and I felt a little like I was infringing on a guy event when I showed up.  So…to have someone recognize me, complete with a scarf wrapped around my head (it was a cold morning), was weird, but in a good kind of way!   I enjoyed chit-chatting with her for while, and am glad to discover such a sweet neighbor (neighbor is a loose term in the country, when you don’t have lots of people who live right next door).  I hope we bump into each other again soon, and I want to send a big “howdy neighbor” to Julie!  I’m so glad we met, and you gave me a little dose of feeling famous for a moment…which my hubby got a big kick out of!


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  1. The galvanized pitchers are great, Angie! I love the story of your surprise encounter…we never know who is reading our blog…it’s fun you could meet!

  2. The thrill of the hunt. You snagged some beauties here and a little fame to boot. Fun.

  3. I have had surprise meeting 3 times! Everytime my husband just shakes his head and says, wow! you are famous! No, not really, but it is fun!

  4. Hey famous Lady!!!
    I absolutely LOVE these!!! I’ve been talking myself out of buying them but seeing your picture with them all grouped together….I’m going weak in the knees =\ They may be gone by morning!
    🙂 Cindy

  5. Ann Van De Walle says

    I love the little oil/gas measuring things. I just picked up some at an auction and filled them with a fall arrangement for a sale I do. If they don’t sell this time I will rework them for Christmas. Sometimes you find good stuff at the men only auctions.

  6. Hi Angie!! Believe me, I was a little starstruck meeting you 🙂 It is always great to meet a kindred spirit in decorating and crafting, and your blog makes me feel like we are already friends. I love your ideas and style!! The oil cans are great and I knew that had to be you bidding!

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