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Antique Hymn Printable Music – Brighten the Corner Where You Are

I love the title of this music page, from an antique hymn book in my collection.  I love that it speaks to the fact that we don’t need to wait until we can do some “deed of greatness”, because we may never do anything if we do.  Instead, we should use whatever gifts God gives us to “brighten the corner where you are”. {CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE AND PRINT MUSIC PAGE}   I hope you brighten whatever corner God {Read More}

Antique Graphics Advertisement – Dr. Lyon’s Tooth Powder Clip Art

This antique graphic advertisement  for Dr. Lyon’s Tooth Powder came from a 1880’s magazine.  I think it would look wonderful as art in a bathroom!  I’ve removed the background from this image, so it can be layered over other images.   Here is the original image, that includes the background. Wouldn’t this look awesome in a dentist office? Many more free printable antique advertisements can be found HERE.

Blogging with the Pros – Getting More Visitors to Your Old Posts

As part of my “Grow Your Blog” series, I’ve been interviewing a few of my favorite bloggers, who have successfully grown their blogs, and shared some great tips from them, but today’s post isn’t an interview from another blogger.  Today, I’m sharing something that I’ve recently started doing on my blog, that I’m seeing great results from it.  Now, I’m not claiming to be a blogging “pro”, by any stretch of the imagination, but the tip I’m sharing today has {Read More}

Barnyard Animals Rustic Sign

Inspiration for a project often comes in the most unlikely of places, but the inspiration for my latest project surprised even me. It wasn’t Pinterest, it wasn’t an arts and crafts show, it wasn’t another blog…it was while I was eating at a fast food restaurant.

Autumn Photo Transfer to Wood

Did you take any photos this autumn, while the pretty leaves were still on the trees?  I’m so glad I did.  It’s a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty that surrounds my home.  Two of my favorite shots were of the view looking down the gravel road that’s in front of our house.  One of the shots was taken on a beautifully foggy morning, and the other was taken on a bright and sunny day.  Taking photos doesn’t {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party #163 – Packed with Vintage Home Decor Ideas!

Hello and welcome to the Vintage Inspiration Party!  We hope you all are well, enjoying the last bits of fall and maybe gearing up for the holidays.  This is the party for all things VINTAGE!  If you missed last week’s Party, we have some wonderful features to show you from it, but be sure to go back and visit, because there were over 100 vintage home decor ideas were shared!

Old Barn Pulleys and Hooks

Several years ago, I used to come home from auctions with a full pickup of all the bids I had won, but my workshop is overflowing with things waiting their turn for me to do something with them, so these days, I’m a little pickier about what I bring home.  Often, things are sold by the box, so even if you really only want one thing in the box.  I used to bring home those full boxes full of “stuff”, {Read More}

Little Wooden Tool Tote – Business in a Box!

I think I may have whined about this once (or a hundred) times before, but as much as I love having my online Etsy shop, I detest shipping the things I sell.   Yeah, I know detest is a pretty strong word, but I pretty strongly dislike the whole process.  Several years ago, I had lofty plans to really make my packaging look “branded” and special.  I wanted that “brown paper packages, tied up in strings kind of look, so {Read More}

Antique Hymn Book Page – Fully Persuaded

This antique hymn book page came from one of my hymn books that was published in the 1800’s.  This hymn was written by a minister who was a former Civil War soldier, and was the first hymn (of many) hymns he wrote. Although this hymn isn’t one I’m familiar with, it reminds me of of another hymn, “Almost Persuaded”, except this hymn speaks of a devout follower of Christ, and has joyful lyrics, whereas “Almost Persuaded” is a very sad hymn, written {Read More}

2 Vintage Christmas Clip Art Images

I know many of you, (not including myself), are already working on some Christmas crafts and decor.  I really need to get on the ball, but inspiration just hasn’t struck yet.  I have been playing around with a few antique Christmas clip art images though, and wanted to share some with you, as well as ways you can modify it to suit your projects. These holly frame images came from an early 1900’s magazine, and were used as a headers {Read More}