Christmas Bell Ornaments – 1800’s Antique Advertisement

Last year I shared the full-size image of these Christmas bell ornaments with you (find it here).  I think these would look so cute turned into ornaments with Shrinky Dinks,(Amazon link) or strung as a garland, so I grouped them together as smaller images that can be printed on one page (printable below).

I had planned to make a bunch of them as ornaments, but I only got ONE done, before I got sidetracked on another project, and never got back to them, but here’s that one ornament for you to see.  I think it’s adorable, and wish I had time to make more of them, but hopefully I’ll get more done next year.

Antique Advertisement Christmas Ornament

The image was from an 1800’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine.  I think it’s so charming that they turned their advertisement into a cut-out ornament, but it was also very smart marketing!  The kids would want to cut the ornament out, so the parents would constantly look at the advertisement.

Let me know if you make a fun project with these!

Antique Advertisement - Holiday Christmas Bell


I love using Shrinky Dinks, as I’ve shared before with my antique graphics magnets, and seed packet necklaces, but there is a bit of a learning curve with them.  First, don’t forget to punch a hole in the ornament before you bake them.  I used a small hole punch for mine, and it was just the right size after baking to insert cotton twine hangers.

Shrinky Dink Christmas Bell

  I put a piece of brown paper on my baking pan, just to make sure the Shinky Dinks wouldn’t stick to the pan.  They always curl up when baking them.  That isn’t a sign there’s a problem….

Shrinky Dinks

But sometimes it is.  Sometimes they uncurl…and sometimes they don’t.  Usually as they continue to heat up, they uncurl and lay flat, but this one got stuck to itself, and couldn’t uncurl.  I had printed a page of the ornaments, so I cut out another one and tried again.

Shrinky Dink flop

This time, as soon as I saw the ornament start to curl, I reached into the oven (it is a low temp, but is still hot, so be careful if you do this) to keep the edges of the ornament from touching when they curled, so they couldn’t stick.  That worked.  When the ornament was almost completely uncurled, but was still hot and flexible in the oven, I set an oven-proof bowl on it, to make it finish laying flat.  I left it there for another minute or so, then pulled it from the oven to cool.  This one came out perfectly.

I really am a bit of a Shrinky Dinks addict.

Baking Shrinky Dinks

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Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi Angie, these are so cute! Thanks for sharing. Might be a bit late to make anything this year, but I’ll be pinning it for next year. 🙂 Julie

  2. Roberta Hoyt says

    Cute idea, Angie. If you have a hot air gun (for rubber stamping) you can use that to instead of the oven. It gives you a better view to stop any over curling. I think you could even use a blow dryer but would take longer. I have a ton of Shrinky Dink and forget that I do. I’m going to pull out a few sheets and play with your ornament! Thanks for sharing! Roberta

  3. Annette Crain says

    Love this idea! The vintage advertising is really sweet made into an ornament too….
    I will have to “borrow” some of my grandkids Shrinky Dinks to make some more adornment for our tree.
    Happy Holidays Angie!
    Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

  4. Can you print from an inkjet onto shrink dinks or do you have to take them to Kinko’s or somewhere to have a laser print done? These are so cute!

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