My Dream Barn Door … in mini version

I’m not a super “wanty” person (is that a word?) but I want a barn door in my house

    …and I want one bad.

What does it matter that we really don’t have any space to put one?

I’m still holding out the hope that somehow I can talk my husband into making one.

I’ll figure out the little details, like where we’d install it … later.

While I patiently wait for him to agree with me that we need one, I decided to make my own mini version and install it on a rustic wall cabinet, so he sees how amazing one would look.

I can hear him now. He’ll start carrying on about how smart I am,

and wonder why didn’t he think of this sooner,

and he’ll beg me to figure out where we can install one.

and I’ll calmly agree with him, while jumping up and down (on the inside)

welcome to my fantasy world.

sliding barn door


I started out with an old crate that’s been hanging in my kitchen.  At first, it looked really cute,

until I started piling chalk, tins, screwdrivers, utensils, etc. in it.   Then it just looked like a wood crate filled with crap on my wall.

Putting a barn door on it would hide it all, and all look cute and farmhousey…I hoped.

wooden crate wall shelf

First, I cut 5 pieces of pallet wood, like this.

barn door

Then I dry-fitted them, to make sure they were all going to fit together correctly.  I didn’t want the mini version of my dream door to be wonky.

barn door cabinet door

Then, I used my handy-dandy nail gun to staple all the pieces together (man, I love that gun!)

barn door assembly

So the door was all put together, but I couldn’t find any hinges in my stash that would fit the crate correctly.

No fear…I just needed to get a little creative!

What I did have was a leather piece from an old horse harness.  That would work!

I used tin snips cut right through it.

cutting leather

I used my handy dandy nail gun again to attach the leather “hinges”.

barn door hinges

Since leather hinges aren’t rigid like metal hinges, I added a magnetic cabinet closure inside, to keep the door shut, and keep the leather from sagging.

repurposed leather

I added a vintage drawer pull as a handle and it was DONE!

DIY barn door

It’s cute, it’s farmhousey, and it’s hiding the junk inside.  It’s my dream come true – in mini size.

Barn Door

Build a barn door in a day?

… Heck Yeah!  

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done! 😉

farmhouse barn door wall cabinet

signature closing

signature pin

DIY Barn Door

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  1. So cute! I love how you made this happen.

  2. Cute stuff and I love the leather. If it makes you any better, Angie, I’ve always wanted a barn door and really don’t have a place for one either and I live on a farm!

  3. Wow! I love it! the leather strs look great. I love barn doors in homes too but it wouldn’t look right in my house so. I’ll just drool over your inspiration photo. I mist say that I think I see a big rustic barn door hanging in your home sometime in the near future

  4. Boy! Must check my spelling before I post. If there is any way you correct it for me, I’d sure appreciate it 🙂

  5. GREAT idea! I have an old shelf getting ready to be hung in my workshop downstairs that is open. I also have two yet to be used pallets in the garage….I see a “marriage” in their future!!

    One bit of history for you….in the old days way out in the west, having metal hinges was unheard of unless you were rich and since most settlers were not rich enough to take metal with them other than cooking utensils and weapons, hinges were made from leather. After securing the meat for the winter, the skins were tanned, usually by the family, cut in to strips and used as hinges for doors and windows that could be opened. I’m talking EARLY settlers who lived in log and dirt cabins.
    Fascinating isn’t it!
    Treasures by Renee

  6. I love the leather with the natural wood. Great idea Angie.

  7. Absolutely LOVE that! Going to pin that & use it!! Thanks Angie!! You inspire 🙂

  8. I just love it! It’s so darn cute.

  9. Hey Angie, love your mini barn door. Maybe water it alot and it’ll grow up into a BIG barn door. I’m betting you’ll get one.

  10. I dream of things for my home too …we must live in the same fantasy world!

  11. You are sure creative, Angie! It turned out so great…and I love all of your inspiration photos! I have a feeling you’ll get that barn door one day!

  12. Well! You go girl! yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaw! Great job on the door! Love it! Hopefully that man of yours will fall in love the the mini! Good job! Cindy

  13. You and I share the same dream! I’ve wanted an old barn door installed in my house somewhere ever since I saw one much like the one in your top photo…someone had a sliding barn door installed on their pantry, of all things. Now THAT was one massive pantry (which is also another dream of mine…hehe!)! You’ve come up with a wonderful compromise here…a barn door that will actually fit in my house…and I LOVE IT!!! I think the leather hinges really suit this piece, too…what a clever solution! Thank you soooooooo very much for this project…again, this is something I never would’ve thought of on my own, but it’s totally *me*!

  14. Terri Hughes says

    I love the little barn door cabinet, it is so cute. I love the look of these barn doors. I would like them in my house, too. They are so pretty!

  15. That is so awesome! I love it! Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. So adorable, Angie, especially with the leather hinges. What does your husband think of it??

  17. Marlene Stephenson says

    That was so cute,you are smart,smart, love what you did. Thanks Angie.

  18. Hi, I love barn doors as well, however I can’t use one the traditional way. I bought two barn doors anyway. one is being used as my Dining Room table and the other is my kitchen. whether horizontal or vertical, It works for me!!!

  19. I love your cute little barn door, and the leather hinges! I have been wanting one in my house too, but don’t have a place for one.)-;

  20. Adorable….I am sure you will figure out a full size soon!!

  21. Your little barn door is so stinkin’ cute! And when you figure out the magic words to get your husband on board, I hope you share that too! Because my guy is a lot like that too. ☺️

  22. This looks like just the inspiration your hubby needs to build you a barn door!
    Very cute and… dangerously clever.
    By dangerous… I mean– hiding stuff! I get caught every time!

  23. That is so dang cute! I want one! I have just the place for a little rustic cabinet like that. I need to get one of those handy-dandy nail guns! I’m not very “handy” with carpentry-type tools, but I think I could manage using one of those nail guns. You are one creative gal Angie! I hope you get your “life-size” barn door soon. I’m gonna go look for some free pallets, now!

  24. Holy Smokes your Brilliant! I love it. I’ll show my husband and ask him to make this for me. But I think is words won’t be the same inspiring words as your husband. Oh well that’s why God gave us 2 ears. In one out the other.
    Barbara Ann /shop/barbaraannscreations

  25. Good for you – I love your little barn door!

  26. WAY TO GO, ANGIE!! I, too, have wanted a barndoor in my house since I first saw it CAN BE DONE. The trouble is, like you, there’s no place we need it nor would it fit anywhere I can think of….PLUS, my husband is a minimalist who thinks I already have too much “junk” on our walls, on my floors, and in my corners. Yet, I really like how our new farmhouse looks, and so does he, when he’s not complaining! (We have a horse farm, our 30 year dream come true. We had a modular home built, which suits our needs, since we couldn’t afford a log cabin, which was also part of our dream farm!) Because it’s only 11 y.o., there’s such a modern look to it, I feel. So I’m always trying to “olden it up, ” as I say. Your mini barndoor is such an answer to your dream, and maybe mine!! Thanks for the wonderful idea!! Keep your other terrific ideas coming, please!!

  27. I love it and your very creative hinges. Perfect!

  28. I, too, would love to have a slider like this but am limited in space. What a great idea!!! I am going to make one with my pallet wood and stain it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. we need something to cover up the electrical box in our basement, now I know what we’ll be covering it up with!! LOVE IT!

  30. Love it and envy you the cabinet and nail gun. One of these days I will need a cabinet to hold all my power tools and a larger version will work great. Keep the ideas rolling.

  31. So adorable! I love your cheater crate trick… I’ll remember that! 🙂 Featured you in the blog party this week!

  32. Oh my! I love the vintage leather belt used as hinges. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  33. SharonFromMichigan says

    WOW! Just gorgeous. I love the look, the mix of textures – wood with leather. This would fit perfectly in many different décor areas – primitive, country, folksy, even modern (because of the leather). AWESOME!

  34. ADORABLE!! All I can say is Adorable!!! There’s nothing more to be said! : )

  35. Meghan Rozmus says

    Looks like something that might come in handy when trying to hide an electrical breaker box or thermostat. so very cute!

  36. Meghan Rozmus says

    Looks like a special way to hide an electrical breaker box or thermostat too!

  37. love your barn door cabinet Angie! I didn’t think you could improve your little crate… but you did!

    Catching you!


  38. Can’t wait till later to see the Thursday diy I love your blog I feel the same way about collecting stuff that will and can be used and turned into some thing great.. Lol

  39. sandi Allen says

    Love, Love, Love this! You are so creative!
    Can I ask what kind of nail gun you have??

  40. Love it. So what did the hubby say? I bet he gushed about how clever you are.

  41. I love this idea and it may just be THE most adorable thing I have ever seen! I can’t wait to try this for a built in I am working on. Thank you for posting!

  42. Arrie Hammel says

    Very clever!

  43. Very cute idea! I also liked your leather hinges, very clever. I’m also obsessed with barn doors, especially the sliding ones on wrought iron hardware. I don’t really have a door opening to use one( no room to slide) so I’m making the doors out of cedar fence pickets cause they are not so heavy and just hanging them in a hall just for decoration. They will replace 2 bamboo door curtains that hide the backside of a cabinet.

  44. Judy Sigsworth says

    looks like this will be the new project for redoing the bathroom either as a hidden drawer or the medicine cabinet front You are so inspiring

  45. I have said it before and I’ll say it again…you always inspire me! Thank you!!


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