Fresh Apples for an Enamelware Pot

Several years ago, I brought home this enamelware pot from an auction.  I’m not exactly sure how it was originally used, but it’s shaped like a flower pot, and my best guess is it may have been part of a double boiler.  If you know, please let me know!

I actually got two of them, and when I bid on them, I assumed they just needed a little cleaning to remove the darkened areas around the outside, but I was wrong.  I tried everything to remove those stains, but they refused to go away.

vintage enamelware pot

I covered one of them with a really charming piece from an antique grain sack, and have been using it in my kitchen ever since to hold large utensils, like spatulas, ever since (seen here), but the 2nd one has just been sitting in my workshop ever since.  Every week, I try to work on a few pieces from the mountain of “stuff” in my workshop, and I haven’t allowed myself to bring home any new things, until I can make a good size dent in decreasing that mountain.  This week, it was this pot’s turn to get made over.

I spotted this image on Facebook, and that Fresh Apples pail became my inspiration for my enamelware pot makeover.

fresh apples bucket

I painted the exterior of the pot with a robin’s egg blue color.

enamelware pot

Then I created a stencil to add the words.   You could also trace the letters and paint them.


 Here it is all finished!  Paint is such a little miracle-worker, isn’t it?!

enamelware pail

signature fountain pen

signature pinUpcycled Enamelware



  1. The pot turned out lovely, Angie. The color is so pretty and the font is wonderful. Thank you for the link!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the color Angie! The fusion paint is great… and I love everything you make!

  3. Oh, that colour is glorious…I’ll bet that gave you a much-needed shot of spring, yes? Your makeover certainly freshened up that little enamel pot…anyone would be proud to display this lovely piece…I know I certainly would! I’ve been reading good things about Fusion Mineral Paint, so I am eager to give it a try. And that font would come in handy for a myriad of projects, too. I don’t have a stencil cutter, but this would be easy enough for even me to outline. lol! Yes, you really dressed this little pot up smartly…and I think what I also love about it is that the colour is so unexpected for an enamel pot…it really catches the eye and it’s unique! Steeped prettiness!

  4. It looks so cute now, I love the color you picked 🙂

  5. Such a darling idea! Jo

  6. The color is perfect, a quick look forward to spring. Thanks for all your tips. Lynn

  7. Great job Angie …looks like an original enamel … not painted. Thanks for the stencil … I am sure I have an old tin bucket around here someplace that I can use it on.

  8. Terri Hughes says

    Very nice, love the color. Makes me think of spring time. I love enamelware!

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love what you did, it was really cute. Thanks.

  10. Well done! Your pot has gone from intresting to fabulous. I’ve painted those before but haven’t stencilled anyand this is inspiration to me. pinning

  11. Love the pot, Angie! Thanks for the font! Blessings from Bama!

  12. Nicely done. I love the shape of the pot, and your make-over is great.

  13. Awesome job Angie! I love the finished product !

  14. Yes, this pot is part of an old double boiler. My mom still have the full set. She doesn’t use it any more but, she keeps “everything” including doll clothing she made for paper dolls she cut from newspaper ads! This month I am taking my trailer up to her house to load up on “stuff” to play with.
    Love your idea of painting the Fresh Apples sign and the color works perfectly with the theme too. Nice job!! 🙂

  15. Hi Angie.
    What kind of print did you use?

  16. Hi. What kind of paint did you use? I have three tin chargers that I would like to make over into faux enamelware… also in a “turquoisey” color. Will tuck them behind a few other items on a shelf… no food service. Haven’t been to search our spray paints yet, but not expecting to find much…

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