Victorian Style Vintage Playing Cards Images

Today I have 2 wonderful 1800’s style images, featuring a mother with her son, and a matching card with the son and his father.  Both images came from vintage playing cards.  I love the vivid red and blue colors on them. Vintage Playing Cards


The mother card has the word “dearest” inside the banner, and the father card says, “The Earl”.  I’m also including them without the text, so you can add your own if desired.

Valentine Vintage Playing Card Red Boy

Blue Boy

I removed the text from the banners at the bottom of each, so you can add your own text, if you wish.


Vintage Playing Card

Vintage Playing Card

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  1. Thank you for these Angie, so nice to have a little colour on these bleak days.

  2. I love these! Did you know that the people depicted here are from the novel Little Lord Fauntleroy? He always called his mother “Dearest” and the man was his Grand-father the Earl of Dorincourt. The story was made in to a wonderful movie with a great cast. I think it was one of Freddie Bartholomew’s first roles, that of Ceddie.
    “In a shabby New York side street in the mid-1880s, young Cedric Errol lives with his mother (known only as Mrs. Errol or “Dearest”) in genteel poverty after the death of his father, Captain Cedric Errol. One day, they are visited by an English lawyer named Haversham with a message from Cedric’s grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt. With the deaths of his father’s elder brothers, Cedric has now inherited the title Lord Fauntleroy and is the heir to the Earldom and a vast estate. Cedric’s grandfather wants him to live in England and be educated as an English aristocrat. The Earl despises America and is deeply disappointed with Cedric’s father, his favourite son, for marrying an American. He offers his son’s widow a house and guaranteed income, but he refuses to have anything to do with her, even after she declines his money.”
    A really sweet, old, classic movie.
    A little history to go with these wonderful vintage cards.
    Treasures by Renee

  3. Krishna Prasad says

    Great collection! Thanks!
    I enjoyed viewing them.
    I don’t have any website.

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