Scrap Wood Table Trivets

 While my husband has been busy installing plank walls in our bedroom, I’ve been like a squirrel gathering nuts, except I’ve been gathering up all the little scrap wood pieces that he’s trimmed off the edges of the boards.

I really am starting to think I might have a problem with a capital P when it comes to wood.  If I find a piece that is bigger than my thumb, I don’t want to see it end up in the burn pile, because I’m convinced there has to be a project that can be made with it, and we did BUY this wood, so wouldn’t that be like burning money?

I did use 4 pieces of wood scrap on my wood photo blocks, but since there are about 200 pieces of wood scrap in our garage right now, I figured I’d better get busy turning more scraps into something…anything, to prove I really am not just hoarding.

Okay, I realize this is just 3 pieces, but it’s 3 less pieces in my garage than yesterday, right?

wood scrap table trivets

 I don’t have room in my house for many more things that are just decorative, so I wanted to make something that would be useful and decorative at the same time, and one thing I really did need was some trivets to put on our kitchen table to set hot pots on, so first I stained all the sides of the 3 pieces with the darkest stain I had on hand.

decoupage project tutorial

 I didn’t sand the edges at all, because I want them to be rustic looking.

scrap wood project


I grabbed 3 complimentary paint colors and painted each block on just one side.

fusion mineral paint

Then I used my palm sander to distress the edges.

wooden blocks


Since I’m sure most of you know how to do decoupage, which is the next step, instead let’s talk about another very important step I forgot….

I forgot to wear gloves when I stained the wood, and my fingernails are disgusting and brown now.  Let that be a lesson to you – Wear Gloves!

Just so you know, I make my own homemade version of Modge Podge – with just glue and a bit water.

homemade modge podge decoupage

I knew that the glue would get melted by a hot pot, so I figured I’d better seal my trivets with something else, so I used Tough Coat by Fusion, because well…it’s tough.

Tough Coat wood sealer

After sealing all 3 trivets, it occurred to me that just because it has the word “tough” in it, Tough Coat may not be any more heat-proof than homemade decoupage, so I shot off an email to Fusion, and they quickly responded.

No… Tough Coat is an acrylic sealer, which isn’t heat proof.

Let that also be a lesson to you.  Ask FIRST.

wooden blocks

Now, I think these are pretty adorable, if I do say so myself, but I really wanted some trivets, not just cute decoupaged wood blocks, so I was a little annoyed with myself.

Then it occurred to me that I could just flip them over and use the back side when I need a trivet, and when not in use, I can have the front side of them facing up on my table.  So I didn’t just create cute, but useless wood blocks! I had multi-purpose wood blocks, that look so Springish on my table! (spell check says “springish” is not a word…I disagree.)

spring bird eggs decor

Oh, in case you are wondering where those cute egg images came from, you’ll have to be patient, because I have a totally different project I used them on, but you can’t see it until Thursday evening at the Best of DIY event!  I’ll be sharing the free images then!

diy projects link party at

Don’t you just hate cliffhangers?!

signature Angie

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  1. Love the trivets…so decorative! Looking forward to seeing the next part…

  2. Hi Angie, love these. Would you mind sharing your recipe for Mod Podge please?

    • Suzanne, there’s no recipe at all – I just squirt a little glue in a bowl and add a tiny bit of water to make the consistency a little thinner. I’ve wallpapered and sealed book pages on my walls with it, and it works great! I use one coat to glue the paper down, and another coat over the top as a sealer.

  3. These are just adorable. PInning!

  4. These are cute, Angie. I’m thinking these would look really cute propped up on my plate rack in front of some of my ironstone plates to bring a little spring into the room. Love them.

  5. They say springerize isn’t a word either but I’ve been springerizing my house this week! I LOVE the trivets!!

  6. Very cute! Love your “springish” choice of pastel colors too. 😉 ( I also think springish is a word ) I am wondering if you added some kind of broad nail like an upholstery tack to the tops…if they would still work as hot pot holders with the pretty sides up. Often times when we make a trivet, it has feet….why not use those same kind of “feet” to hold a hot pot off the sealed surface of one of these?
    Treasures by Renee

  7. Angie – you’re hysterically funny!! I love your comments, let alone your projects!! You really let US know that you make mistakes, too, and that nobody’s perfect…that it, you asked afterwards instead of before, when you should have!! The egg trivets are simply adorable….thanks for another day of making me happy that I read your blog FIRST before all other emails!! God bless you, your family, and your ideas!!

  8. LOVE these “Trivet/Decorations’!!! So simple and yet a beautiful addition to your Springish table. (I agree – Springish is definitely a word and if we continue to use it, spell check will agree with us eventually)! 🙂

  9. ah the constant quest for a truly heatproof coating! I hear ya on that one. But genius just to flip them over and they look great on both sides.

  10. Sondra McAnally says

    I love these and since we are building right now I will have lots of them to use. I think I will put them in our (my daughter’s and my) shop. There is an endless supply of pictures, graphics, even sheet music that could be used. Too cute!!!
    Angie, did you use chalk paint or just regular run-of-the-mill paint?

  11. Marlene Stephenson says

    Great idea and i do have some scraps,thanks Angie.

  12. It’s okay to be frugal. That’s just the way some of us grew up and we continue to practice this way of life. I’m not embarrassed by it anymore. In fact I’m proud. Love your daily blogs. I live in WI and my daughter lives in SC. We discuss and share your blogs almost daily. Thank you!

  13. I need trivets and I loved them when I saw the first picture…just stained! And that color stain is perfect for my kitchen! I may be doing a special request at your Etsy shop soon Angie!

  14. Sandy Steele says

    I did something similar with some wood pieces I scored from a friend’s house. They were 4″ or so pieces from the ends of 1X4 pine. I took them home and sanded, painted, and covered one side with pieces of pretty scrapbook papers. Then I added letters to spell out the word “LOVE” to sit on a shelf.

  15. These are really lovely…and “springish’ if I do say so myself! Also very functional, which you seem to pull off very well, despite all the roadblocks placed in your way! I sooooooo admire your tenacity and your creativity and I can’t wait to see the project you created for the Best of DIY event!

  16. Your post made me chuckle! Mostly because it reminded me of myself and all of the lessons I manage to teach myself after the fact while creating things 🙂 Love the trivets!

  17. Love them Angie … I need to make some for my bird decorations for Spring.
    You are so creative.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  18. multi-purpose – that makes them double great…and double springish!

  19. Love these easy AND pretty little projects … AND useful too! Triple hit.

  20. You’re a wonder, Angie! Clever, clever, clever! Gosh, I wish I lived next door; I’d come down and barter something for some of those wood end-scraps! Do you need anything sewn? Or, perhaps a family photo? Or maybe you’d like a few books that I need to pass on….I’m sure I have something in my cluttered house that you’d like or that you could turn into something cool. Sigh!

    • LOL – I wish you were my neighbor and could come collect a lot of my junk stash! I think I have more than I can use in a lifetime, but I just keep plodding along, hoping to work my way through it all! 🙂

  21. Donna @Adventures in Junking says

    Many of our greatest inventions are happy accidents (like post-it-notes, which evolved from research trying to create a super glue!). These trivets are gorgeous and Springish (language also ‘springs’ from initial uses). I think you could put them on your Etsy site if you decide not to keep them.

  22. We have a nice round melted ring on our table from a hot pot of rice. I don’t know what I was thinking but I do know I’m not about to redo the table top any time soon. Heat melts, period.

  23. Well these are just so stinkin’ cute 🙂 A great idea for luncheon gifts too!

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