Adirondack Chairs Makeover in Two Shades of Blue

A few years ago, I won a pair of Adirondack chairs at an auction, for the bargain price of $10 bucks for both.

I couldn’t believe I got such a great deal on them.  They are super comfortable to sit on, and I love them, but we probably should have stored them in the garage during the winter.  The wood was bare, without any paint or sealer, so the elements were starting to take a toll on them, and I wanted to give them some protection and a makeover this year.

adirondack chairs before makeover

Adirondack Chairs Makeover

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Fusion Mineral Paint just released a new collection of colors, and they invited myself and a group of other bloggers to test them out.  I picked the color, “Seaside” to use on my chairs.

painted Adirondack chair

Fusion paint has great coverage, so I only needed to do one coat, but what I didn’t anticipate was how “thirsty” the dry wood was.  It’s a big chair, and it drank my paint!

By the time  I finished painting the first chair,  I had used more than half of the pint of paint, so clearly I wouldn’t have enough paint to do the 2nd chair in the same color.  I considered switching to another color, but really had my heart set on blue, so I took what was left in the container and added another of the new colors to it called, “Pebble”. to produce a lighter version of the blue paint.

Here you can see the original color on the right, and the mixed new color on the left.

shades of blue paint on adirondack chairs

And here’s how the colors look side by side on the Adirondack chairs.  This was a happy accident, because I think the chairs have more visual interest with the slight variation in color than they would have if painted the same color, and I’m totally glad it worked out the way it did.

patio porch adirondack chairs

adirondack chairs makeover fusion mineral paint

I have a lot of serious relaxation time planned on these Adirondack chairs this summer!

adirondack chairs makeover -

Adirondack chairs

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Disclosure – I was not paid to review Fusion Mineral Paint.  All opinions are my own.

Purchase your own folding Adirondack chairs HERE.

folding adirondack chairs


painted furniture makeovers

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  1. I love Adirondack chairs. What a deal you had! They cost a fortune over here. I love them in blue and I agree that that slight color changeadds so much interest.
    Great project.

  2. Patricia Olson says

    I didn’t see a question to answer. Love the chairs though and would like to try their paint. Enjoy your projects.

  3. Hi Angie – I love how your blue Adirondack chairs look nestled in all that greenery. I love White, so definitely Casement would be one of my favourites.
    P.S. Your question for your readers to answer is not mentioned above, or I may have just missed it!

  4. Dan Grady says

    I have a sideline hobby building Adirondack chairs, and I am thinking this Fusion mineral paint would look GREAT on a few of the chairs! You can see them by searching on FB for “Masonboro Adirondacks.”

  5. Get the ice tea ready, if I ever drive through we’re sitting in those chairs for a beverage.

  6. i love casement and I would paint over table legs.

    • Kathy Aho in MN says

      Great job on those chairs! I love the Fusion color Champness and would paint an old wooden barstool with it. Great to know it does not need sealer too. Thanks!

  7. Jill Nelson says

    I couldn’t find a question to answer but after looking a the different colors, I would love to try the Inglenook color! So pretty!!

  8. I have two folding chairs that have slats and I would love to use the Liberty Blue on these. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this give away.

  9. There is no question for me to answer, but I love the chairs and would love to try out this paint. They have a beautiful website too!

    • No question found for me either – but – this would be a gem of a paint to use – no topcoat required!? Yes please! Would love the coal black, buttermilk cream, aubusson and upper canada green. Could I just say EVERY COLOR!? Wow! Too cool of an offer!

  10. Susan McMenamin says

    Fort York Red is a beautiful color, just begging to be incorporated into my deck colors!

  11. Susan McMenamin says

    ntsisterz follows fusion paint on instagram!

  12. Barbara R says

    I would love to try this paint and I love how the chairs look in the two shades of blue.

  13. I love the buttermilk cream. It is such a soothing color!

  14. Susan McMenamin says

    ntsisterz follows knick of time on instagram. I look forward to all of your blog posts. you are my inspiration!

  15. Stephanie Phelps says

    I would love to try out the Champness color if I won. So many pretty colors to choose from!

  16. Stephanie Phelps says

    I follow Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram Stephanie Phelps/ @my4boysand1

  17. Stephanie Phelps says

    I follow Knick of Time on Instagram Stephanie Phelps/ @my4boysand1

  18. Love that color Angie!

  19. Charlotte says

    So many wonderful colors! I think Inglenook would be my first choice, but I love all the neutral whites and would love to try those as well.

  20. I’d love to try upper Canada green!

  21. I’m following Fusion Mineral Paint.

    user id: melissasantiques

  22. I’m following you on IG!

    user id: melissasantiques

  23. I love every color, but Inglenook speaks to me:-)

  24. Carol S. says

    I love the Inglenook. I can see it on a beautiful cabinet at my house.

  25. Carol S. says

    I follow Fusion on Instagram. My name is Artfully_Rustic.

  26. Carol S. says

    I follow Knick of Time on Instagram. My name is Artfully_Rustic.

  27. Jacqueline says

    Your chairs look fantastic! I have two wooden outdoor chairs which would certainly benefit from these paints. I liked what I read on their site. No sealant necessary and also it is self-leveling! Sounds like a terrific product. I think I’d love to try the Ash or black to paint a huge collection of picture frames that I want to use together for a family tree display :). Thank you!!!

  28. Jenny briggs says

    LiBetty blue For sure

  29. Donna Avramovich says

    Hi Angie! I would choose “Coal Black” because I live in an 1800’s farmhouse and I love black as an accent color.

  30. Jenny briggs says

    Just made Instagram jenebriggs is profile. I hope that’s what u asked for. I am following you now! Thanks for sharing. Hope to find retailer. Liberty blue is calling out to me!!

  31. Jenny briggs says

    Jenebriggs following fusion as well now!!

  32. Grammi Sharon says

    I love Adirondacks. My first choice would be the Pebbles but also liked the linen color.

  33. Sharon Hull says

    So many wonderful colors! But if I had to choose just one, it would be Champness, no question!

  34. Margy Coomer says

    My fave is Lauretien !

  35. I like the color Champlain. It’s not too white but is a crisp, clean color that would be very versatile. And I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the great ideas!

  36. I would try every shade of blue! 🙂

  37. Darla Bunyan says

    Following you on IG darlab3

  38. Darla Bunyan says

    Following fusion mineral Paint on IG darlab3

  39. Following fusion with Ronndasue on Instagram. :0)

  40. Darla Bunyan says

    It is hard to choose, but I like the Liberty Blue, have some outdoor furniture and indoor that are in deep need of paint! I so hope I win, sure could use it!

  41. Ronndasue following Knick of TIme on Instagram. 🙂

  42. I like the Homestead Blue – I’ve been obsessed with the darker blue lately.

  43. Christina says

    Oh Angie, your chairs turned out perfect! I love that one is only a tiny bit different in color! 🙂 I adore the color Homestead and want to paint a dresser. mm mmm good! Thanks!!

  44. Sharonf52 says

    Well I was thinking inglenook until I saw your chairs and now I like the seaside color and love your chairs

  45. I think the chairs you did are beautiful. I think I would like to try Inglenook,or Laurentien thanks

  46. Best ‘mistake’ ever! LOVE the two tones together. You’re a paint designer too! 🙂

    Those are seriously gorgeous chairs, Angie! I need to keep my eyes open for some!

  47. I love the Seaside you used! It’s my accent color of choice!

  48. I am following you with my Instagram account of onaclareday!

  49. I am following Fusion with my Instrgram account which is onaclareday

  50. The link did not work for me, but seaside looks so great on your chairs, maybe I’ll give that a try.

  51. I loved the way your chairs turned out with a minimal amount of work! I am thinking I like Aubusson best but they are all beautiful colors.

  52. Derry Gleason says

    I like the cathedral taupe. I have a wicker sewing stand and some wonderful vintage fabric to reline it with. The cathedral taupe is just the color to set it off. I really love how Fusion mineral Paint covers wicker!

  53. l am new at furniture painting and I think I will have great success with your mineral paint. I especially like the Champness and the Limestone.

  54. I would love to try Fort York Red.

  55. I’ve been dying to try Seaside, and this post confirms that I need to get it! Love the chairs!

  56. Dawn Gillich says

    I would love to try Bedford.

  57. Dawn Gillich says

    I am following knick of time on istagram. Dawng624

  58. Dawn Gillich says

    I am following Fusion mineral paint on instagram. Dawng624

  59. chris aka monkey says

    as soon as i recoup from back surgery i am going to finish my bath and bedroom, greys, white, and pops of pink so i would love to try damask as it is such a beautiful shade of dusty rose, it would go on my desk and shelves thank you xx

  60. Karen worlock says

    Love all of the colors, think that first would love to try Inglenook. Very hard decision to choose which one.

  61. TWO Adirondack chairs for $10??? Now THAT was a bargain! You have brought out the true beauty in them with the lovely blue shades…I am soooooo in love with these and wish I could sit in them! I can’t believe the Fusion Mineral paint needs no sealer…I hope they sell it in quarts then…I’ll definitely be comin’ for some of that! 🙂

  62. Amanda Hartley says

    I love the Upper Canada Green! This color would look beautiful on my garden chairs (that need badly repainted)! This color would look so bright and cheerful amongst the vivid colors.

  63. Amanda Hartley says

    I follow Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram!

  64. Amanda Hartley says

    I follow Knick of Time on Instagram.

  65. I like the sterling color.

  66. I follow Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram(Kellywcu)

  67. I like Sterling.

  68. Jeannie Scott says

    Hi, I would love to try the Buttermilk Cream…not sure what I would paint but love love love that color!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

  69. Jeannie Scott says

    I am following Fusion Mineral Paint on Instragram @jeanniemscott TKS!!

  70. Jeannie Scott says

    I am following Knick of Time on InstraGram @jeanniemscott

  71. Barb Tilton says

    It would have to be Ash. Every room needs a little bit of gray or black!

  72. Your chairs look fantastic Angie! I love that color! <3 Pinning 🙂

  73. Which color would I like to try? Which kind of pie would you like? I have a coffee table waiting to be painted, and I think Prairie Sunset would be perfect! Fusion Paint is eye candy, no doubt!

  74. Kaye Albert says

    Would definitely like to try the Champness on my Adirondack chairs.

  75. I really like the casement. It’s just the right color to paint my mission chair that is in need of a new paint job.

  76. Inglewood would look great on a primitive cupboard that I plan to work on. I love all the colors! Would love to have a chance to try them out. Thank you for giving everyone a chance to win!

  77. I have an old secretary that would look lovely in Upper Canada Green.

  78. Denise Marie says

    All the colours are intriguing. I would love to try Algonquin on a folding slat chair set I rescued from the curbside. Bedford and Aubusson are nice too. I love that the colors can change depending on lighting and what the pieces are paired with.

  79. Naomi S. says

    Wow, all the colors are tempting! I think I’ve narrowed it down to three, tho’. I’d like to try Cathedral Taupe on a desk chair whose seat I am reupholstering. I think either Cathedral Taupe or Damask would compliment the fabric I”m using nicely.

  80. iamalighthouse says

    I really like the Champlain color!

  81. iamalighthouse says

    following fusion mineral paint as iamalighthouse

  82. iamalighthouse says

    following knick of time on instagram as iamalighthouse

  83. It’s a coincidence (even though my name is Lauren), but I would pick Laurentian!

  84. I followed on Instagram! (Momhomeguide)

  85. I followed you on Instagram!

  86. Your chairs turned out beautifully, Angie…and I love the happy color accident! I would like to try Inglenook…

  87. Following you on instagram as itsybitsandpieces

  88. Cheryl Davidson says

    Fort York Red is my favorite Fusion color! Love the chairs!

  89. Sherry Fram says

    I would like to try the Fort York Red or the Renfrew Blue!

  90. Sherry Fram says

    I follow Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram with the name nananurse60.

  91. Sherry Fram says

    I follow Knick of Time on Instagram with the name nananurse60.

  92. Nancy MacGregor says

    I would love to try the following Fusion Mineral Paint colours: Sterling, Champness and Renefrew Blue.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

  93. Oh my, I would love to try the buttermilk cream on a bench I need to repaint!! What a awesome giveaway, thanks!!

  94. I am following Fusion on Instagram and it is downsprigglane. Thanks

  95. I’m following you on Instagram and it is downsprigglane. Thank you, this would be awesome to win!!

  96. Prairie Sunset is my favorite Fusion Mineral Paint color, and I have an old wooden stool that would look great in it.

  97. I follow Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram as msmisk.

  98. I follow knickoftime on Instagram as msmisk.

  99. I never heard of Fusion paint, thanks for featuring it. I would definitely try Bedford!

  100. Just followed Fusion Paint on Instagram and I’m relishdesign, thank you!

  101. Now following you, knickoftimeinteriors. Thank you relishdesign!

  102. Oh my I would love to try renfrew blue, this color is so me. I have just the project to try it on. an old dresser I have under my tv. perfect color for my seaside themed room.

  103. I love the color “Seaside” used on the chairs. Would love to try it!

  104. Cindy Brown says

    i love those chairs!!! All the colors are so lovely but your choice of sea side blue !
    Following both you and Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram!

    Thanks Angie!!

  105. I really like the color choices that Fusion offers. It is so hard to choose which one would be my choice or favorite. I haven’t heard of Fusion paint, but I believe I am going to give it a try.

    My choices would be…Upper Canada Green or Inglenook

  106. Lorie Graham says

    Prairie Sunset from Fusion Paint would be one I would love to try. I am converting a small garage on my lakeside property into a sleep camp/studio and over the years I have purchased quilts and furniture for the space. My colour decision is based on an item I purchased at a yard sale. It was the inside flour tin dispenser from a hoosier cabinet. It is yellow and I will be converting it to a light fixture….can’t wait. So the Prairie Sunset color would be grate to try on perhaps side tables or bench.

  107. theresa J says

    I would love the prairie sunset.

  108. theresa J says

    I follow fusionmineralpaint on instagram


  109. theresa J says

    I follow knickoftimeinteriors on instagram


  110. Samantha says

    Gorgeous! My favorite color is Turquoise so Renfrew Blue is amazing….I also love Ceramic.

  111. The paint looks incredible!! Lamp White for me – a classic never goes out of style! Have a great day!

  112. Sherry Brajdic says

    Inglenook would be my favorite color. Have heard great reviews about Fusion Mineral paint and their Toughcoat finish. Would love to try it!

  113. I like Champness and I would find something to put it on!!

  114. I’m thinking Liberty Blue or Champness might look good on the little outdoor bench I’m considering repainting! I need to add a little brightness to our green/brown/tan colors!!

  115. Carol Easterday says

    I really like the upper canada green fusion mineral paint and love your adirondack chairs !

  116. Carol Easterday says

    following fusion mineral paint on instagram ,,,,,

  117. Carol Easterday says

    following knick of time interiors on instagram,,,,,

  118. girlfromwva says

    would love to try the color ceramic; just beautiful!

  119. All the colors are great but I would love to use the Casement and Cathedral Taupe. Your chairs look wonderful, as always a really nice job. Have a great day!

  120. Justcan’t wait to use this paint. Love the color you used and the happy accident.I have adirondack chairs as well but have been thinking turquoise but may have to change my mind

  121. Gorgeous color, Angie! I love those chairs.
    Hugs, Jamie

  122. I would love to try the color Inglenook! So beautiful!

  123. @jmclarty7 is following Fusion and Knick of Time!

  124. There are many beautiful colors in Mineral Fusion’s palette but I want to paint a buffet to match the dining room table so Coal Black is my pick! Thanks for the giveaway, Angie!

  125. I like Champness

  126. I follow Fusion Mineral Paint on @sweetums82

  127. I follow knickoftimeinteriors on instagram @sweetums82

  128. Mary Flynn says

    Inglenook and Champlain for sure. (love them all though, and the “no topcoat” part!) 🙂

  129. The chairs look great! And thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’m always looking for new paint to try. 😉 I would love to try the Laurentien color. Wow!

  130. Stacey McMullin says

    I would love to try to color Soapstone. Love the name too!

  131. Stacey McMullin says

    Following Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram (have been for ages!). My Instagram name is sweet_emotion!

  132. Stacey McMullin says

    Following Knick of Time on Instagram! User name: sweet_emotion 🙂

  133. ginette4 says

    I would love to try their Ash paint..that would look amazing in my bedroom,,I would paint my night stands

  134. ginette4 says

    Following Fusion Paint on instagram

  135. I’d love to use sterling on my bedroom furniture!

  136. My Instagram name is Beelum!

  137. Upper Canada green speaks to my Canadian side. I would paint a primitive style china cabinet that I have with it!

  138. Now follow you on Instagram also. patinaparadise

  139. Am a follower of Fusion on Instagram. patinaparadise

  140. I have a few things I’d love to paint with Sterling! That’s where I would start!
    Karen U

  141. Solducky says

    Champness is so pretty!

  142. I like Casement and Upper Canada Green. What great paint! I want to paint my bathroom vanity.
    Following Knick of Time and Fushion on Instagram……under the name bugmom2

    I would sure love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  143. I love the Upper Canada Green! So perfect as a great accent piece !

  144. I love all the colours, if I had to choose just one upper Canada Green.

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