Hey Hallmark, I have a movie idea for you…

What does a camp stool and summer break have in common?

Without peeking below, what would your answer be?

I’d bet a plate full of S’mores that your answer is “camping”.

          Am I right? Am I?

camp stool upcycle

                  Sorry, you’re wrong. 🙂

Well, I’ll tell you, but you have to bear with me while I explain.

In less than a week, I’ll have all 4 of my kids under my roof again – woohoo!

My 3 oldest kids are all college students, but only one of them attends an out-of-state college.  The other 2 live at home and commute to their school, but between school and work, they aren’t home much either, so I really look forward to summer.  I know my youngest son looks forward to having all of his siblings home with him, and especially doing “guy” stuff with both of his big brothers.

I don’t talk about it much, but I’ve been a homeschool mom for over 18 years, (yes…I’m that old) so having everyone home all day is what feels “normal” to me – messy, crowded house normal.

         Now, back to the camp stool…

I bought 2 of these when were on a road trip last year.

I gave the first one a grain sack treatmentand swore I wouldn’t do the same thing with the 2nd one.

It should have been a simple project but my sewing machine and I are rarely on speaking terms, and it argued and fussed at me the whole time.

For pity’s sake – I was just sewing straight lines, not doing something fancy, but I seriously think my machine has it out for me.  No – I’m not exaggerating.

So, I put my sewing machine in time-out, and sent the other camp stool to the basement, and tried to forget it existed.

Last week I was looking for something else in the basement, and I spotted the poor little guy.  I felt kinda guilty for punishing it for the sins of the sewing machine, so I carried it back upstairs, and contemplated how I could repurpose it without allowing the sewing machine to come out of its corner.

And then I remembered an old folding chair that I’d turned into a chalkboard

          and I saw a resemblance between the two…

                    and I got all excited…

So I painted and attached a little chalkboard onto the camp stool,

camp stool chalkboard

I printed a message, and traced it on the chalkboard,

and then I painted the letters with a paint marker…

chalkboard lettering

and then I hung it up on the wall, and stepped back,

          and smiled really big….

repurposed stool chalkboard

because my kiddo is coming home, and I have a sign to welcome him!  Bless you, little camp stool!

I can see it now.

He’ll walk through the front door, and I’ll hug and kiss him,

and then I’ll step aside so he can pick up his dog…

a boy and his dog

and then he’ll look up and spot my sign and say,

          “It’s so good to be home.”


welcome home chalkboard

Seriously…I think the Hallmark channel should make a movie about it. 🙂

sniff, sniff

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Repurposed Vintage Projects via KnickofTime.net



  1. Julie Chase says

    Feeling one of those ugly cries coming on….one deserving of an entire roll of paper towel. Enjoy your summer surrounded by your family❤️

  2. I love it, Angie! I have some of those hanging around, too! It’s going to be so great having your kids home for the summer! Have fun!

  3. sandi Allen says

    Love this! Your chalkboard camp stool turned out awesome!
    What a wonderful idea! Have a wonderful time with your children!

  4. Christina says

    Angie, this is truly inspired! I know you are going to enjoy having a full house again. 🙂 I am thrilled with/for you. ::: huge smiles here :::
    ~ Christina

  5. I love it! Great idea. We just moved our daughter and son home from school for the summer too. Enjoy having your children home this summer.

  6. You were a home school Mom? You have my sincerest admiration and respect…I can only imagine the work that went into that and it’s obvious you did an outstanding job with your kiddos to have them attending college! I can sense your great joy at having all of your babies home with you and I am so very happy for all of you! This little welcome sign is wonderful, Angie…what a beautiful and unique way to welcome your baby home…he’s going to love it and feel loved! Savor this special time that is coming soon!

    • Thanks so much! I should have mentioned in my post that of all my kids, the son that is coming home soon is the most like me. We’ll hug, and have fun, an then in about 2 weeks we’ll start driving each other CRAZY! 🙂 I do love the heck out of him though!

      • Angie, if your son is like you, then he must be all kinds of amazing! 🙂 I can relate in regards to having a child that is similar in personality..my youngest daughter is a chip off the old block, which is both a matter of pride for me and a very scary thought…hehe! I think I probably drive her up the wall just as much as she does me, though…but I’d never admit it to her! Even so, it’s always nice to have her home and those hugs always feel like heaven…I know you can relate! Have a blessed summer, Angie!

  7. What a great way to use an already item and welcome your boy home!
    Great story and idea Angie.
    Keep inspiring us, lol, lynn

  8. Love your story. And this post. Nice job with the chalkboard!

  9. This was just a wonderful post. And I have no idea how I missed that you homeschooled your children- but it inspired me even more. I am a homeschooling Mama of two. Enjoy having the whole crew home with you! Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. Oh, I really like the look of your stool. And I have a sewing machine in time-out too. I feel for you.

  11. Love your newest little chalkboard sign Angie!

    happy you have all the kids home

  12. Such a cute idea…why did I sell my stool?

  13. Kathy Pickart says

    I love it! How do you trace the letters on the chalkboard??

  14. So awesome!! Love love love this upcycle

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