Milk and Cream Co. Sign on Stool and Chalkboard

It’s been more than 2 years ago since I made my first Milk and Cream Co. sign.

antique window sign

Since I only had 1 antique window like that, I started making them on glass photo frames.

And they sold,

and they sold,

and they sold,

and to date I’ve made almost 50 more of them!

Finally I realized that since other people love the design as much as I do, it was time to make make it available as a reusable stencil so anyone can get their Milk and Cream fix!

As luck would have it, I found this super cute farmhouse stool while I was on a road trip.

industrial stool

The legs were already that wonderful chippy blue, and the top was a blank slate that was practically made for the Milk and Cream Co. design.

vintage sign stencil


It totally upped the cuteness factor!

farmhouse stool stenciled with Milk and Cream Co. Vintage Sign Stencil |

farmhouse stool

I had to keep playing a little more, so I painted a clipboard with chalkboard paint, and stenciled the image on it as well.

When not in use as a clipboard, it makes cute wall art.
painted clipboard

The Milk and Cream Co. stencil is available HERE.

milk and cream co.

I have a brand new Facebook page for my Vintage Sign and Inspirational stencils too!

I hope you’ll give it a “like” HERE!

FB like

See all the designs available in the Vintage Sign & Inspirational shop HERE.

New designs are coming soon!

Vintage Sign Stencils

signature 2

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  1. Angie, can we use these stencils for items we want to sell? I am in LOVE!

  2. OH! I had to order this…I’ve loved it forever! Thanks, Angie!

  3. I love this! How do I order the stencil? Thanks!

  4. Angie , looks great , I love all things milk cow related for my farm too! Soooooo fun! Moooooo! Cindy

  5. I’m trying to find the project you did using “milk & cream” with a shadow as a transfer. Can’t remember what you used it on. Can you send me a link to that posting? BTW love your blog and all your wonderful creativity!

  6. Angie, so glad to see this stencil is now available. Cant wait to receive it!

  7. This is such an amazing stencil…I’ll bet you have lots of success with it and you sooooooo deserve it! I’m in Canada, so I’m out of luck, unfortunately…but I just love seeing all of the projects you’ve made with the Milk and Cream Co. text and this sweet stool and very handy clipboard/chalkboard are no different…they are just lovely…thank you for sharing them!

  8. Paula adams says

    Angie, How do I order your antique graphics, I just love them! Thanks, Paula Adams

  9. What a fun stencil! I love the way you used it on all three projects, especially the window. So versatile too.

  10. Angie,
    Love the stool and glass frame with your stenciled designs! I will have to look into getting some of these stencils. I have not stenciled in years and I miss it terribly!!

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