Hello World and an Old White Barn

I have a lot of readers that don’t live in the United States, and I need to apologize to all of them!

It wasn’t until a reader commented that she wished my stencils were available to non-US residents, that I realized that I had discriminated against you all, because all my stencil listings were only set up for US shipment.  It’s a great big world out there, and I want people to enjoy my stencils all over the map!

(free 1900’s map printable HERE)

1911 world map 001 (640x489)

Shipping worldwide is a little bit tricky though.  I could put one basic price to ship anywhere in the world, but I’d have to estimate high, since some locations cost more than others, but I don’t want to overcharge for shipping fees.

SO, I have added Canada to all of the stencil listings for all you Canadians, but if you live in another country and would like me to add yours to the listings, PLEASE let me know so I can determine the cost for your location, and add your country to the listings.

I’m so overwhelmed and thankful for wonderful response my stencil designs have received.

Thank you all!

Just a reminder that  today is your last chance to enter the $100 VISA card giveaway I have going on HERE.

Now, back to my little corner of the world, here’s a old white barn that I photographed on our return trip from New Mexico last month.  This barn is the “little brother” to the amazing brick and wood barn I shared a few weeks ago.

The free full-size printable of this barn, without my watermark is available HERE.

old white wooden barn

You will find all of my free barn photograph printables HERE.

American Old Barns

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  1. Jenny Asbury says

    Please please please send your stencils way down here to Australia!!love your work, and love your site!
    I can’t find anything quite like it down here near the bottom of Aus . You are so inspirational, I’ve picked up some great ideas from your work Angie. Keep it up, love receiving my emails across the water! Thank you,

    best wishes, Jenny
    Melbourne, Victora, Australia

  2. My prayers have been answered! Thank you. I live in Australia. Have often wished you posted over here.

  3. Yay!! I’m with Suzanne!! Am also from Downunder so am thrilled too!!

  4. I don’t think you have it in you to discriminate, Angie, and the fact that you are opening up your stencil line to the world is proof of that! I hope this helps to bring you much success and I just know your readers from afar are going to appreciate this mightily…I know I sure do! 🙂

    It surprises me that with such a weathered patina, this barn looks like it’s in amazing shape, structurally…someone is taking good care of her! I love the angle of this photo so that we get to see the tire-worn path winding its grassy way towards the barn…it automatically leads your eye up to the focal point. You are a natural at this…it’s a wonderful capture and pays great homage to a beautiful piece of Americana!

  5. Maybe your local Post Office has a pamphlet on rates to different countries. I live in New Zealand and its available here also gives prices for the weight etc.

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