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The small town where my son goes to college only has 1 antique store, but I always check it out when we’re there.  Most things are a bit pricey, but I keep my eye out for small, less expensive items, and I found one I loved.  It’s a very small antique flour sack.  It had a paper tag envelope still attached to it, which explains that the sack held just a sample amount of King’s Castle flour, and originally included recipes which could be made with the sample amount.  The recipes had been removed from inside the envelope, but it was really the sack I was interested in anyway.

antique flour bag

I love the graphic on the front, so I scanned it and digitally removed the stain that was on the bag, so you can use it as a printable image.  I think it would make a great iron-on transfer for a pillow or towel, so I’m including the reversed image as well.


antique flour sack

It’s such a small sack, but is so cute.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet, so if you can think of some ideas, let me know!

miniature flour sack

I also liked a portion of the image on the envelope, and think it would look great with the lettering traced onto wood, then painted to make a sign.  The words on the envelope were pretty small, so it can’t be enlarged too much without becoming grainy looking, but I think it’s fine to enlarge just to use as  a pattern to trace.

antique advertisement slogan

Let me know if you think of something creative to make with these images!



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  1. wow! that’s an elaborate, colorful graphic. I really like it.
    I could also see the graphic transferred onto an old, metal bread box or something. You know, one of those chippy enamel ones.
    great share. Thank you!

  2. About 25 years ago I lived in a very small town in NW Kansas. In our county store, that’s right county, we had to drive 21 miles to shop, just like the really old olden days to get supplies. At that time you could buy #5 flour & cornmeal in cloth sacks. Oh how I wish I still had some of those sacks. I’m always on the look out of old feed sacks fabric and articles from from them, but haven’t seen for a very long time. It just made more sense to use reusable rather than toss away.

  3. Hi Angie,
    I was thinking how cute that design would be decoupaged onto a metal canister to use for flour, or even transferred onto a glass apothecary like you’ve done before. The design would also be cute for a tea towel and potholder set for gift giving. The colors of the design are “Christmasy”, so would make a cute hostess gift, say for a Christmas tea.
    I love how you always find the cutest vintage packaging, and I always look forward to “what’s next”!
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Hi Angie, I began an email to you but when I had to take a few minutes to answer the phone, when the call ended my email disappeared. I was thinking about your new King’s Castle Flour logo. Its so colorful and cute, I think it would look fabulous stenciled on the same fabric which is used to make flour sacks. It would look so nice displayed in the kitchen. I also live out in the country and my neighbor and I just found out that our local health food store is closing and they were our go-to source for many types of flour, we could also purchase spices in bulk, and many other things we happy bakers around here appreciated. Perhaps King’s Castle Flour and also your Royal Baking Powder would appreciate you stenciling their logos on flour sack dishtowels. These products would make a lovely country display of the vintage products on dish towels and I know there are quite a few folks in this area who would appreciate having a new online source for their products. It takes us at least a 20 minute drive to and from our closest shopping areas. Fortunately, we all have well stocked pantry’s and if one of us is suddenly in a panic because we are missing an important ingredient to a recipe, usually one of has just what is needed. My neighbor and I seem to go through most of the flour and yeast around here. I have an easy and very good recipe for dinner rolls and we are always asked to bring rolls to our neighborhood and family gatherings as well.
    Thanks! Jan Duda

  5. Vickie DeVries says

    I love this! Think I’ll bake the small breads and use this idea to package them in…hand out to neighbors and friends..much cuter than plastic wrap with a bow…lol

  6. Thanks for taking the time to make these printables and sharing them! I love them. I love Vickie’s idea of using them as gift bags for baked goods.

  7. What beautiful, vibrant colours and such detail. too…you can tell a lot of care went into making the design for this flour bag! I think this image would look really pretty on a pillow, too…or even a canister that might possibly hold flour…no matter what you choose to do with it, I know you will do this gorgeous image justice! Thank you for sharing it with us, too!

  8. You have a great eye for printable treasures, Angie. I would transfer the first image to a cannister that could be used to hold flour. And you’re right about the “friend in knead” – I think it just begs to be a kitchen sign.

  9. I love this blog she has just simple thing’s for you to do I’m not much crafter but love read & see what she does one smart lady ..Thank’s ;;

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