Repurposed Drafting Tool Photo Display

Remember when the world wide web was still a novelty, and the joke getting forwarded through email said something to the effect of “you’ve reached the end of the internet?”

Truthfully, I sorta freaked out the first time I got one of those emails.  I was just started to grasp just how amazing the internet was, and discovering that I could search for absolutely anything, and I’d find something on the web about it.

I remember being so relieved to discover that it was just a joke.

end of the internet

Well, sometimes when I look at all the junk in my workshop that eventually I hope to make something with, and I wonder if the day will come when I’ll get to the bottom of the pile.

It’s actually hard to even image there being a bottom of the junk pile, because the pile always seems to grow more than shrink, but I think I’d go in shock if I actually did reach the bottom.

I feel like there would  be a sign waiting there for me that says something like,

“You’ve reached the bottom of the junk pile.

There’s nothing left to repurpose, all the rusty junk is gone,

you can now resume life as you knew it….

… Now, go clean your house.”  🙂

I don’t see that day arriving anytime soon, and my fear is that I’ll die before I do something with all the junk,

and my kids will be mad at me for all the junk I left behind for them to deal with!


I did get one thing off the junk pile this week though!

I have no recollection of where this drafting tool came from or how long I’ve had it, but I spotted it a few days ago and knew I could do something quick and easy with it.

I glued a block of wood onto the back, so I’d be able to attach a hanger to it, since the wood on the tool is pretty thin.

repurposed tool

On the front side I screwed a few bulldog clips.

bulldog clips

I remembered that I had these metal letters that I bought last year, but have never done anything with yet.

metal letters

I added them to the top of the drafting tool.

metal letters

And now it makes a quirky photo display!

repurposed tool photo display

I think this would make a fun piece for an office or workshop, so I’ll be listing it in my shop tomorrow.

repurposed drafting tool

My teenage son is the household dishwasher and he’s gone at church camp this week, so even though I haven’t reached the end of the junk pile,

I guess I should pretend I have and go wash the dirty dishes that are starting to stack up!

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  1. Wendy Johnson says

    “and my kids will be mad at me for all the junk I left behind for them to deal with!” hahaha. I never worry about that! My grandmother left a small log cabin, a small cottage and a barn for my mom and sisters-best and worst time of their life. When my mom talks about giving away or cleaning out I just laugh. I have a garage and two roomed building ready for my 4 daughters. They are smart enough to know they have to sort through the junk for the treasure. Wish i was as creative as you are though.

  2. I, too, laughed out loud when I read about your fear of leaving all your junk for your kids to have to deal with!!! It’s so funny since I have the exact fear!!! My son & his wife already don’t want most of the “neat” stuff I offer them NOW – what in the world will they do with or think of me when I am dead and gone, and they’re left with MY MESS??!!?? Horrors to think about it – so that’s why I so often get rid of what I possibly can!! BTW – LOVE the drafting tool photo holder, it’s very unique like ALL of your ideas. Isn’t it a GREAT thing that you don’t love ALL the things you make? You’d never be able to sell anything on Etsy, and drown in your cool things! God bless you & your family – have a super day 🙂

  3. When my father passed away, his entire basement was filled with stuff from stem to stern from floor to ceiling…none of it was really anything most people would have a use for, but he obviously thought this stuff would come in handy one day. I found quite a few treasures down there which no one else saw the use for…they were too busy going after all of the other stuff…but then, that’s another story. Suffice it to say, the treasures I found in that basement will give me warm and lasting memories of my father for a lifetime…that is something money can’t buy. It is true what they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”…hopefully, your children will consider it more treasure than junk. I am of the mind that your junk is pretty darned cool, just going by what you’ve shared with us on your blog! 🙂

    Once again, you have taken something that most people would write off and turned it into a functional piece of eye-catching art…I dunno how you do it day after day…but you continue to amaze and surprise in such glorious ways! LOVE the metal letters, too…where would someone get something like that? Also, what type of glue did you use to attach the piece of board to the back?

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