Weekending – American Farmhouse Style Magazine & Can You Name that Movie

There’s nothing better than opening your mailbox, and finding a magazine amidst bills and junk mail.

But not just any magazine – one with your own home or project in it.

I had that thrill this week when one of my projects was included in American Farmhouse Style magazine.

More on that at the end of the post though! 🙂

First, can you name the movie this line from a song comes from?

“Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today?”

I’ll give you a hint…Dudley Moore did one of the voices in it…

and it involved a dog and cat.

If you had kids in the 90’s, you probably know the song by heart, but if you didn’t, I can tell you it’s a super cute movie worth watching.

Have you guessed it yet?

Well, it was an absolutely beautiful almost autumn morning, so I had to take a walk and see what I could find kind of day.  The air was so fresh and the birds were chirping and I knew we wouldn’t have many more days like this one.

farm country road scenery KnickofTime.net

Milo and Otis (there’s your movie answer!) – came with me.

Except their names are Pico…

min pin walk on a country morning - KnickofTime.net

…and Loki.  He thinks he’s a dog and comes on every single walk with us, meowing the whole time.

black cat walk on a country morning - KnickofTime.net

…and the old man of the house, Jake came too. Our 3-legged old girl, Shiloh, and the youngest pooch Chica hadn’t woken up yet, so they missed our early morning jaunt.

Take a Walk on a Country Morning - KnickofTime.net

We passed a pretty old farm gate.

old farm gate - KnickofTime.net

I used it as a photo backdrop for my Itty Bitty Banners.

We stopped and admired all the pretty flowers in a field.

Old Fence Posts and Wildflowers - KnickofTime.net

And I had to go in for a closer shot of the pretty old post.

Old Fence Post with Barbed Wire - KnickofTime.net

We passed by the beautiful old barn where I took son #2’s graduation photos.  I wonder how many more years it will stand.

old wooden barn - KnickofTime.net

And we thought about jumping the fence to do more exploring, but it was time to head back home.

Farm Country Scenery - KnickofTime.net

Here’s a few parting shots by my barn.  I love this old wood part from a horse buggy.  I scored it for $1 at an auction several years ago.


antique wooden horse buggy salvage - KnickofTime.net

And our rusty old water pump we use to water the horses.

old rusty water pump - KnickofTime.net

And speaking of the horses, I took this shot a few days ago.  It was another early morning and they just look so peaceful.

Sadly, my daughter is looking for a new home for her Quarter Horse.  Her life has become too busy with school, work and internships, that she doesn’t have time to ride him.  We’ll keep the miniature horse though.  We’ve had her since my daughter was  only 7, and she’s getting older, so I wouldn’t want to make her adjust to a new home and family.

It could be awhile before the big horse leaves though, because we won’t sell him.  We want to give him to a good family, so we are going to be very selective about where he goes.


So, about the project that was included inAmerican Farmhouse Style magazine…

A few weeks ago they contacted me, asking for some of my tin can project photos, specifically photos of my crate style tin can wall organizer. (full post and link to old can label printables HERE).

What cracks me up about that, is that this was a project I completely goofed up.  The original plan for that project was to build an antique style crate, and that project was a failure, but I liked how one side of it turned out, so I brainstormed a new project to use that piece, and the wall organizer with tin cans is what I came up with.

I never would have guessed it would end up in a magazine!

I sold that organizer last year, but I’m itching to make myself another one now.

(See all my Tin Can Projects HERE)

American Farmhouse Style magazine - KnickofTime.net

It’s a beautiful issue, so I’m thrilled to be included in it.

American Farmhouse Style Magazine via KnickofTime.net

Of course, American farmhouse is my favorite style, so I feel like I could just climb in the pages and feel right at home.

American Farmhouse Style magazine red checked bedding

American Farmhouse style featured home

signature 2

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  1. Hello Angie!
    Love your blog! I am so happy for you to get into a magazine. And….now I have discovered a new magazine. Barnes and Nobel here I come….

  2. Congrats Angie! Well deserved recognition!

  3. Congrats Angie – its always a thrill to see your projects in print! I’ve written several articles for American Farmhouse over the years – one of my favorite magazines – I’ll definitely pick up this issue to see your article!

  4. Cool Angie… but not too surprised. Your projects should probably be in every issue 🙂

  5. How cool! Congratulations on the feature! I don’t know that I’ve seen American Farmhouse here in the midst of urban Los Angeles but I will seek it out!

  6. Well, how fun, Angie! Congratulations! You are such a creative spirit! Looks like a fabulous magazine! Love seeing the post of your area and “Milo and Otis”.

  7. Many happy congratulations, Angie…I’m sooooooooo excited for you!!! I think your project looks really amazing on the pages of “American Farmhouse”…it’s right at home there! I’m not sure if I can get hold of a copy here, but I’m sure going to try!

    You live in such a beautiful area and what a gorgeous day you had weatherwise as evidenced by your lovely photos! Your furbabies are the sweetest, too…I love how Loki follows along with you like a little dog! My tripawd kitty, Cassius, would like to say a special hello to Shiloh…we hope she is doing well! 🙂

  8. Congrats on being featured in such a great magazine! Can’t wait to find a copy!

  9. Teddee Grace says

    I grew up in northwest Missouri and lived in Illinois for a long time so love your landscape photos. I think those are buggy shafts.

  10. I love getting magazines in the mail, but that one I have not heard of. Anyway, what a thrill for you, congratulations! P.S. I love that move, “Milo and Otis,” have seen it a few times and bought it for my daughter on DVD, so I knew the answer.

  11. Marlene Stephenson says

    Congratulations,i know it was thrilling to see. I have never heard of that magazine looks wonderful.

  12. Anji johnston says

    Congratulations! You so deserve it. X

  13. So happy for you. I must seek this magazine! Your blog is WONDERFUL.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MISTAKE-TURNED-FAMOUS!! YOU MUST BE THRILLED TO AGAIN BE FEATURED IN A MAGAZINE. SPEAKING OF TIN CANS, from your ideas I’ve cleaned, painted chalkboard black, then covered the front in old-fashioned food can labels. Then I Mod Podge over them twice in glossy coverage. I hope to create some type of back board and shelf, similar to yours, on which to hang the cans for storage. I also have been making some with photos of my 2 favorite kids, our grandkids Sophia & Nolan. I plan on making many of these with photos of special people for Christmas gifts. A BIG thanks, Angie, for getting me to start saving my cans for so many great projects, and for the can label graphics!! BTW – really enjoyed your “walk” with you through such lovely farmland. I can’t wait to get some cornstalks to tie onto our wagon wheels at our driveway entrance…LOVE the autumn splendor, as you do!

  15. Angie, your project looks so nice in print. It’s wonderful that they noted your talent!
    I live in Q and would love to talk to you about your horse. We have a 5 acre farm & 3 generations living together. Feel free to contact me thru my email.

  16. I simply love the many ways you upcycle tin cans! And you do it beautifully! Stealing some of them ideas!
    Love your blog and happy you’re featured! I’m gonna have to check out that mag myself!

  17. So exciting! I’m going out today and buy the magazine!

  18. You nailed it, Angie! Congratulations on being featured in the magazine. I’ll have to see if I can pick up a copy. Love your farmhouse style!

  19. I loved that shelf, and all your tin can projects, and all the labels you post for us, and so on and so on! How wonderful you are in that magazine; I’ll have to look that up!
    We used to have 3 cats, Lucky, Domino and Smokey who always went on our walks around the farm. We’d walk the fence line, and they’d be with us all the way. Captain, our lab, would be with us, too. Loki is beautiful.

  20. Congratulations on being published again, Angie!!! If you would have succeeded with the crate, it might not have happened. Amazing things can sometimes happen, when something goes wrong.

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