Silent Night in the Living Room and Farewell Photos

I’m plugging away at my Christmas decor, hoping it’ll all be done by Thanksgiving, so I work on a few things each day.

I did some tweaking on the wall behind the couch in our living room, to make it look more festive.

I removed the window shadow box shelf that I made last year.

{see shadow box shelf tutorial here}.

I’ll probably move it to my bedroom later, but I wanted to put Christmas wall art in its place.

Repurposed Window Shelf by Knick of Time

I purchased the Silent Night chalkboard image as a digital download from Dear Lillie, and had it printed at Staples for under $4.

Dear Lillie Silent Night Christmas chalkboard art in a pallet wood frame -

My husband made the frame from pallet wood.

pallet wood frame

{see pallet wood frame tutorial here}

I used a staple gun to attach some lightweight corrugated  plastic to the back of the frame, and used painter’s tape to attach the print, so I can remove it after Christmas, and change it up with a new print.

It hangs between the 2 gallery wrapped photo canvases I made last year.

(see gallery wrapped canvas tutorial here}

Since the frame didn’t cost any money, my total cost was under $15, for some beautiful Christmas wall art.

chalkboard Christmas wall art -

I’m working on some new ornaments this weekend, and hope to have my Christmas tree fully decorated before Thanksgiving, then I’ll put all my supplies away for a few days, and just enjoy having all my family gathered together, with lots of yummy food to eat.  My two oldest kids volunteered to purchase the ingredients, and make several of our Thanksgiving dishes, and I welcome their help!

A while back, I mentioned that my daughter was looking for a home for her Quarter Horse, named “Indy” (he was born on July 4th), and we have found a wonderful fellow homeschool young lady, who is as horse-crazy as my daughter is, and she’ll be taking him next week.

Indy 2a

We gifted him to her, with the agreement that Indy can’t be sold.  Should she decide down the road that she can’t keep him, we’ll take him back, but we’re happy that he’ll be close enough for us to visit him occasionally.

It’s very bittersweet for us, because my daughter really didn’t want to get rid of him, but between college classes, her internship, and working, she just can’t give 2 horses the attention they need.  We are keeping her miniature horse, because she’s an easy keeper, and we’ve had her since my daughter was 7, but saying goodbye to Indy won’t be easy.  He’ been part of our family for almost 10 years.

I shot some photos of my daughter and Indy together yesterday, and plan to make or buy some photo gifts for her – perhaps a blanket with the photo on it, or an ornament.

We love you Indy!

Indy 1a




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  1. That is a nice arrangement you made for Indy…and your daughter can visit him!
    Love your wall art, and the greens look so pretty hanging on the frame!

  2. Oh Angie how heart warming that you found Indy a new home and will still be able to visit. Indy is a gorgeous horse. Love the framed chalk print. Love your styled wall. Looks awesome. Have a great new week going into Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

  3. How wonderful that you found a good home for Indy and that it is nearby. My daughter took in a horse that belonged to a girl who was at college and not able to spend time with it. The horse had some medical issues and it was hard to find a retirement place. For the four years the horse lived, it worked out very well. The original owner was able to visit about once a month, the horse got a little exercise by carrying my small granddaughters and the college girl helped in the barn whenever she came to visit.

  4. Gorgeous print! It is hard to let a pony or horse go.My sister’s horses are all retired to my parents farm!

  5. Love your sign … looks just like on real chalkboard. Love the frame too. Beautiful horse and beautiful daughter too. I know she is happy to find a good home for Indy.

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love your wall with Christmas decorations. What wonderful news about finding a home for Indy and it being close. We do grow attached to our animals. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and hope your parents are doing well.

  7. Your gallery wall looks so lovely, Angie. Sounds like your Thanksgiving will be perfect, surrounded by your beautiful children 🙂

  8. What a very beautiful daughter you have. And a lovely photo of her and her sweet Indy. But so glad you have the great arrangement with the folks that are taking him. You won’t feel you’ve really lost him if you can visit occasionally.

    I’m just beginning to clear things in my house so that I can get some Christmas decor out. Your chalkboard with the greens is so simple, but so pretty. Sometimes less really is more.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  9. Love the sign. Very festive. How wonderful that you found a home for Indy. That’s a great arrangement. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  10. Your sign is lovely…really love the look! I’m so very sorry to hear you are losing Indy…my daughters have always been horse-crazy, so I know how it is…they become part of the family. Ours used to get visited on Christmas Day to give them their Christmas treats before we even had our breakfast! It sounds like he is going to a really good home, though, so I hope you can take comfort in that fact…and it’s extra-nice that he will be close enough to visit! I am sure he will do well in his new home!

  11. I love the offset frame style, it really has a lovely vintage look next to your black and white and family photo. It’s just so pretty!

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