Farmhouse Christmas Tree and Gingerbread House “Issues”

I wanted a  simple farmhouse Christmas tree with lots of handmade ornaments this year.Our Christmas tree is far from magazine perfect, but when I finished decorating it and my oldest son saw it, he commented about how nice he thought it looked. If it meets with my family’s approval, that’s really all that matters.

farmhouse Christmas tree with burlap ribbon garland, mittens, and handmade ornaments -

I wrapped wired burlap ribbon around it for a garland, and tucked pine cones and berry sprigs in the branches.

I think my favorite ornaments this year are the gingham and brown paper ornaments.  They aren’t glitzy or fancy, but I love their simple look.

handmade brown paper and fabric ornaments -

A close runner up are the gingerbread man cinnamon dough ornaments, because how can you not love a gingerbread man?

gingerbread men cinnamon dough ornaments -

I made quilt block ornaments, which I’ll keep on display through Valentine’s Day.

Create your own quilt block pattern DIY Christmas ornaments with free printables from

I had mittens left over after making the mittens banner, so I hung those as well.  Other than the mittens, I didn’t buy a single new ornament this year.  I had a lot more fun making them.

The only ornament I made that didn’t end up on the tree was the little ceramic pitcher ornament.  It ended up being just a bit too heavy for the branches, and I was afraid it might fall and break, so I just hung it as a decoration instead.

Farmhouse Christmas Ormament -

I love how it looks all lit up at night.

My daughter was a Christmas Eve baby, so we’ll be celebrating her birthday tomorrow.  I always take her out for breakfast in the morning – just the two of us, and our whole family will go out for dinner together in the evening.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree lights -

My daughter and yountest son still like to decorate gingerbread houses (affiliate),so I picked up a mini gingerbread house village for them. There were four houses in the kit, so even though three of my kids are in their 20’s and one is a teenager, I thought they might have fun decorating them together.  It ended up being hysterical, because the kit barely included enough icing to “glue” the pieces together, let alone put snow all over the rooftops and windows, as the picture on the box showed.

My oldest son’s A-frame house kept falling apart, so my husband pulled out the nail gun for him to fix it!  No, he didn’t really do it, but he was seriously tempted to.

gingerbread house with nail gun

They had fa good time, finally got them assembled, and slightly decorated, and I had fun watching them do a child-like Christmas activity like they did when they were little.

gingerbread houses

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!



  1. Wish you a very merry X-mas, too!!!!
    Greetings, Heike

  2. What a cute family, tree, ornaments, and gingerbread creations. Super fun post!

  3. We make gingerbread houses every year at our big family party – all the kids gather in the basement and have a competition amongst themselves. They range in age from 30 – 3 as some of the older “kids” still like to do it. My 30 year old nephew is quite the artist and he deconstructed the house and made a Star Wars spaceship – it was amazing! It’s a tradition we’ve have for over 20 years and although it’s a lot of work to pre-assemble 12 houses, it’s worth the effort! The deal is that I make the houses (I buy kits and glue them together with melted sugar) and the moms bring the candy. It’s always fun to see what they bring – my daughter always brings jelly frogs – I don’t know why.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Penny Leslie /DeVries says

    Personally I think your tree is wonderful
    Thank you for all the faboulos post threw the year
    I enjoyed checking out your posting every morning made my day
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Angie

  5. Merry Christmas! Love the tree! 9 years ago when our puppy was eating her way thru the house, as puppies do. My teenager and I made homemade decorations. Plaid bows, pinecones and raffia, cut out paper snowflakes, homemade picture frames filled with loved ones pics. Still to this day we decorate our tree this way! Love the simplicity of it!! We have been blessed, making more frames as our family grows! Playdoh in the stockings. Still a tradtion! I believe my now 20 somethings almost enjoy playing with it more now!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  6. Awe, how much fun is that! You’ve got quite a good looking bunch over there Angie. Wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family! What beautiful memories!

  8. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas Angie! Looks like the fun is just beginning!

  9. Teddee Grace says

    What a handsome and happy family! You are blessed! Merry Christmas!

  10. I’ve been soooooo eager to see your Christmas tree and I was not disappointed…it is gorgeous, Angie…you did an amazing job! I, too, love the simplicity of it…it’s not overdone…this allows each of your handmade ornaments to shine! And, oh m’gosh, you have such a beautiful family…you must be sooooooo very proud! I think they did a wonderful job on their houses…and those smiles tell the tale of just how much fun they had! Please know I am wishing your daughter a very Happy Birthday today and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! With a family as beautiful, warm, and wonderful as that, how can your Christmas be anything less than completely blissful? 🙂

  11. Hope you & your family have Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ,Thank’s so much for sharing your work with us..

  12. Merry Christmas to you and the family!
    I like the nail gun/gingerbread house combo. Must try that next year.

  13. Such a fun filled post!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Lovely Christmas tree, ours didn’t get up…my first year of blogging and only the kitchen tree made it up. More about family and sanity now then perfection. I just love the gingerbread ornaments and miss mine as mice discovered them, lol. Thanks for the share—and the nail gun on the gingerbread houses is hysterical. Cute—enjoy! Sandi

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