Red Barn + Christmas Decorating Ideas in the Kitchen

Do you remember that beautiful red barn I photographed in the summer (seen here)?

Well, I had 2 big empty spots on my living room wall when I sold the repurposed drawer shelves (seen here) so I made 2 canvas photos to fill the empty spaces.

Christmas gallery wall with family photos and red barn photos -

I took the barn photo, and our current family photo to Staples, where they turned them into engineering prints for me.

When I got  back home, I turned the engineering prints into photo canvases (tutorial here) and hung them on  the gallery wall in my living room (our current family photo is on the lower left side, and the red barn photo is on the lower right side).

Once Christmas is over, I’ll switch out the Silent Night print in the center of the wall for a different image (it can be removed from the frame).

gallery wall with family photos and red barn photo on canvas -

I did spend a little extra to have the barn photo printed as a color poster (it cost about $12), because I wanted to hang it in my kitchen for Christmas.

old red barn canvas print for kitchen Christmas wall decor -

This wall in my kitchen changes at least once a month.  I’m constantly switching out what is displayed on  top of the shelf, and what is hanging under it.

I’m using an enamelware pitcher as a table centerpiece.

Christmas kitchen wall -

Right now, the shelf has my upcycled clementine crate on it, which I added on of my stencil designs on.

rustic crate filled with greenery for Christmas -

The flower pots stay in the crate year-round, so I just added some pine tree cuttings and curled ribbon in them.

rustic crate for Christmas -

Click links below for free Red Barn printables

*winter red barn version (with snow) here

*summer red barn version (without snow) here.

red barn photo printables -

I love how the barn really pops against the white wall.

red barn wall art -

I hung my wreath on the sliding barn door that separates the entryway from the living room.

I am SO glad we have that door!  Our house is staying much warmer now that the cold air from the entryway can’t come into the rest of the house.

sliding barn door with Christmas wreath in farmhouse kitchen -

Since the wreath will dry out soon, I plan to find a faux wreath to hang later, because I really love how it looks on the door.

Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas with sliding barn door and Christmas wreath -

I switched out the autumn flowers for a fresh poinsettia in my rusty  kettle.

Poinsettia in a rusty kitchen kettle -

Would you believe I only paid 25 cents for that kettle at a yard sale?

Christmas kitchen decor -

I bought the vintage Christmas ornaments in the summer, and completely forgot about them, but my husband found them last week and got them out for me.

Christmas in the kitchen |vintage shiny bright ornaments |

That wraps up my kitchen decorating for Christmas, and I’m almost finished with the rest of the house too, thank goodness!

Have you finished all your decorating yet, or am I the last one?


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  1. Your decorating is so pretty, Angie…I love all of your personalized artwork…and the door is awesome!

  2. I love this, Angie. Merry Christmas!


  4. Aren’t those engineering prints the greatest? I used them for Christmas decorating a few years ago and I just loved them. Your barn photo is fabulous! I LOVE that sliding barn door! xoKathleen

  5. mare williams says

    Your home looks beautiful in such a simply-natural way! Thanks again for such inspiration!!

  6. Everything’s wonderful Angie. Love that barn print and your sliding door! Merry Christmas!

  7. Looks great girl! Love the old barns! I have many around my farm and I love them all! Merry Christmas to you!!!

  8. Love those doors and the barn picture is awesome.

  9. Angie, I have never heard of an “engineering print” before. What is it exactly?

    Love all your simple, homey decorating ideas! And that door–I’m really crazy about that door!

    Have a blessed and happy Christmas!

  10. Love ur decorating!!! I have purchased a few things from u and receive ur blog when u post!! Really do like everything u do!! We all have such creative minds, its nice to see all u bloggers post ur ideas, tutorials, etc.!!! So WONDERFUL that everyone SHARES their creativity!!! Hope u and ur family have a Blessed Holiday!!
    Just a quick question….why does the “enter ur email to follow” ALWAYS show up, when “I” (YOU) already follow the blogger?? Just a bit irritating when you follow and it always asks you TO follow???
    Thanks…Many Blessings!!!

  11. Everything looks great, Angie. Especially love the prints on the gallery wall. Merry Christmas!

  12. Love your new prints, such a wonderful idea and they look fantastic:) Merry Christmas!

  13. Your home is looking sooooooooooo very beautiful and magical for the holidays! I love that you’ve kept it simple and subtle with lots of little splashes of red for Christmas cheer…it is neither overdone nor underdone…it’s absolute perfection! I just adore the canvases you created, too…the barn picture couldn’t be more evocative of the holiday season and your family portrait is just sooooooooo very heartening…after all, what are the holidays without family, right? Thank you sooooo very much for always being so generous as to share your home with us all year long…you make me feel so welcome…everything about you exudes warmth, generosity, and kindness…not to mention creativity and ingenuity! Please know that all you share with us is mightily appreciated, from the heart…thank you for bringing soooooo much joy to all of your readers far and wide every single day of the year! May you and yours have a most beautiful and blissful holiday season and may 2016 bring you boundless joys and countless blessings!

  14. Warmth and grace, Angie. Merry Christmas to you,


  15. The barn pictures are wonderful, I’ve got some of those and I never thought of turning them into art. I have thought of a barn door however, maybe in 2016? Merry Christmas Angie, you had a good year of projects.

  16. It looks just wonderful. I love everything you have done. Your house is really a beautiful home.

  17. This looks so pretty! That red barn pops so beautifully. 🙂 Liz

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