Remodeled Entryway Reveal! {with Video}

Today’s my birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by showing you our remodeled entryway!

      Can I get a Yahoo?!

It took 4 months from start to finish, which isn’t excessively long as remodels go, but it felt like forever, which is always the case when you are remodeling any room.

I’ve got lots of photos to share but I also put together a fun little video that shows the 4 month remodel process condensed into about 2 minutes.  It starts with photos of the space when we moved in, and includes the mini-makeover I gave it right after we moved into our house.

After the video, there are lots of photos of all the changes to the room now.

Transformation of a Farmhouse Entryway from the beginning to end of the remodel, including video -

Click below to watch video

Now, here are the details!

I really like like the dictionary pages on the walls from the first mini-makeover, but the entryway connects to our kitchen, and it just didn’t flow well together.  The new painted pallet wood walls tie in much better with the kitchen and rest of the house.

The chalkboard wall stayed the same, but the new flooring over the old concrete floor is a huge improvement!

An old ladder makes a great shelf for seasonal gear in a farmhouse entryway - This old ladder looked so awesome in our shed-turned-guestroom, but I took it out when my son moved into the guest room.  It’s been patiently waiting to be used again.

Repurposed ladder shelves in farmhouse entryway -

Right now, I’m using it to hold seasonal winter gear, but it’ll be fun to change up the decor on the rungs through the year.

white pallet wood walls and old ladder repurposed as shelves in entryway remodel -

old ladder rungs for winter gear -

I also replicated the look of the rustic chalkboard frame, but since the wall is already a chalkboard, I didn’t need to make one to fit behind the frame – it’s just hanging on the wall, with a mason jar filled with baby’s breath hanging from it.

Flowers in hanging mason jar on chalkboard wall -

Chalkboard wall in farmhouse entryway - See the full remodel at -

Next to the chalkboard wall is a wall that has two windows and the front door.

The drop cloth curtains are hanging in the windows, with my stenciled seed store sign hanging above one of them.

UPDATEWe added wood shutters to the windows after the remodel was finished.

See them HERE

stenciled sign above window in farmhouse entryway remodel -

Underneath the window is an antique cabinet that my husband I I bought at a yard sale shortly after we got married.

I’ve always used it in my kitchen, but I’m using it as a plant stand now.

farmhouse entryway plants

Create an old sign with Vintage Sign Stencils -

Flanking the front door are 2 cast iron lanterns that I used in my outdoor spaces tour last summer.

Cast iron hanging lanterns flank the front door of this farmhouse entryway. See the full remodel at

Cast iron lanterns in farmhouse entryway -

Eventually, I’d like to get wall mount lights like this one  (affiliate link), but I love how these look in the meantime.

vintage style cast iron lanterns and vintage decor in a farmhouse entryway -

The chippy little stool is an auction win.  My hands are usually full when I come in the door, so it will make a great drop spot for my purse, or a bag of groceries.

farmhouse entryway stool

In the corner I have a long cast iron hook “thing”.  I have no idea what it’s called, but I bought it a long time ago at a farm supply shop, and am using it to hold some of the dozens of hats my husband has.

This corner of the room has our dog food in a bin, the cat food in an enamelware pot, and food and water bowls on the floor.

Hat rack, cat perch and pet supplies in entryway -

I moved the pallet wood cat perch beneath the window, so they can look outdoors.

pallet wood shelf cat perch -

On the connecting wall I hung one of my old windows, with a basket full of lavender.

Beneath the window is the antique sewing stand I upcycled into an accent table.

Repurposed antique window and sewing table in farmhouse entryway -

Rounding the corner is my beloved barn door cabinet my husband built into the wall, and my hanging scale clock.  I didn’t get a good photo of it, but beneath the cabinet is a built in bench with storage.  We’re keeping tools inside it that we use frequently.

Vintage style hanging scale clock and barn door cabinet in entryway -

Vintage style hanging scale clock -

My sliding barn door is between the entryway and kitchen.

The kitchen side is the really pretty side.

The entryway side is usually open, but it looks like this closed.

I would love to hang something on it, but since it slides very close to the kitchen side of the wall, I can’t do that.

sliding barn door in entryway -

Thanks so much for touring my farmhouse entryway remodel!

Farmhouse entryway remodel with pallet wood walls and farmhouse charm -

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  1. What a wonderful transformation. I’ll bet you had fun doing that. So much like YOU now. 😀

  2. Nice job … as yours always are! Happy Birthday, Angie.

  3. What a fun video, Angie…and a great re-do of the space! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE! Love the photo of you and your new entryway looks great too… wow!

  5. I love your ideas and how you put them together. Thank you. Happy Birthday Angie! God bless.

  6. Happy Birthday Angie! Your entry way looks gorgeous! So light and bright, love the white planked walls, I wish I had an entryway to do that. The hooks holding the lanterns is a great idea too!

  7. Angie, so many neat ideas and cool junky accesories! Love it!

  8. It looks amazing – so your style. Well done.

  9. What a wonderful room to come home to everyday. Every inch of space was used so creatively. Love your style. Happy Birthday!

  10. This space is just about perfect and one of the best use of pallet boards I’ve seen in a space. Isn’t it amazing what a transformation paint makes??? I love the scale, the cat shelf, everything. I have some of my father’s old tools and need to display them somewhere. Beautiful!!

  11. Happy Birthday Angie, love your entryway make over. It makes me so happy when I see I’ve gotten a email from knickoftime I can’t wait to open it to see what you’ve created. Have a fun day.

  12. Angie, terrific job on capturing the evolution of your authentic, farmhouse style. I’ve made videos like yours before for our panoply booth displays, so I know the work involved. Great job, and I really like where your style has settled {for now} 😉

  13. Angie, I love every last detail! And happiest of birthdays to a lady who gives me something to look forward to every morning! And you certainly look too young to be the mother of adult children!!!! Blessings on your special day!

  14. S Olivette says

    So many wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing.
    Always inspires a new eye to look at things.
    Also, on the barn door – there is always decoupage, so quick and easy.
    Looking forward to your new posts! – yea!

  15. Love the new look:) Wish I could watch the video but it’s a no with our internet. Love the rustic feel everything has.

  16. Mary Vitullo says

    Happy Birthday, Angie. I love the way the entryway now looks, love the light planked walls and especially love that shelf you made by the window for your cat!

  17. Happy Birthday! Love the new entry! Very welcoming!

  18. Happy Birthday for sure

    I know your thrilled with your new entry and best of all to have it completed

    Have a fun filled day

  19. Yahoo!! Took awhile and it looks great! A very functional and inviting space.
    Happy Birthday Cappy! Mine was yesterday.. 🙂

  20. The best version yet!! Love all your farmhouse details, especially the ladder and the shelf for you lucky kitty. Great job!

  21. Marlene Stephenson says

    Looks really great, I love it,love it love it! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Happy Birthday Angie! You’ve done a great job! I love it 🙂

  23. Happy birthday!!love the look…

  24. Happy Birthday Angie! For entryway turned out just beautiful. The video was fun to watch and I love the music that went with it. It’s such a lovely and charming room. Especially love the ladder and that chippy stool. The pallet wood walls look amazing!

  25. Wow Angie, your entry looks fabulous. Love all the vintage finds throughout the space. Your kitty has quite the bird’s eye to enjoy while eating! I already wished you a happy birthday so I won’t repeat myself…I guess I just did. LOL
    P.S. Great video too!

  26. Entry looks great! happy Birthday!!!!

  27. Looks terrific! And although I’m a day late I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  28. Happy Birthday Angie. Your entry area is an inspiration. Loved seeing the video and how you added to each step along the way until now. Took a peek back at your guest room too. Love reading your posts.

  29. Love that it is lighter and brighter!! Your touches make it so unique and cozy!!
    Just awesome!


  30. I love this room, Angie! I love the scale! And that cat perch is genius. I definitely need one of those in my house!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  31. Soooo gorgeous, Angie! Oh your shiplap is to die for! And I smiled so big at your cat perch… I totally need to switch out our (cough) giant cat tree for a few pretty perches instead!

  32. Happy Birthday Angie. Bet you’re glad that’s done. Looks great. I especially like the white window frame, white basket and lavender.

  33. Carrie Johnson says

    Happy Birthday, Angie. Love all your redo’s. You mentioned wanting something on the back side
    of barn door, what about stenciling something??

  34. Sue Addison says

    It looks wonderful! So many fun details.

  35. Love your entry – what about painting something on that door? Stencil a sign or paint a picture? That would look really cute! Your blog is better than a magazine!

  36. You have worked hard, and it shows Angie! I wish I had an entryway.

    beautiful job!


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