Counter Space Dilemma and Faux Farmhouse Curtain

Counter tops and shelves are prime real estate in my house.  Everyone in my family wants to own some of that property, and there just isn’t enough for everyone to put what they want on the counters.

I’ll admit that not only do I treat counters as drop zones for my purse, mail and craft supplies, but I want to display some of my favorite vintage kitchen decor on them too, which leaves very little room to actually do meal prep, or put kitchen appliances and tools.

I love to display my small but growing collection of antique ironstone pitchers in my kitchen, and I’ve shuffled them from my antique cook stove, to shelves, to counters and never could find a place where they displayed well but weren’t taking up needed space…until today, and I solved another problem at the same time – the lack of window treatments on my kitchen windows.

ironstone collection

Let me explain…

A few months ago, I took down the shelf and curtains above my kitchen window (seen here), and my husband built me new farmhouse kitchen window shelves.  We have such a nice view from our windows, that I prefer using a valance, instead of a full curtain, so the view isn’t blocked.  I haven’t gotten around to getting new valances, so the windows have looked pretty bare.

After shooting photos for my winter whites post the other day, and after shuffling the pitchers for what seemed like the gazillionth time, I had a lightbulb moment…

Gorgeous old platters make beautiful and simple winter white farmhouse wall decor - See more at

Instead of setting the pitchers on a counter or shelf, I could hang them and they could do double duty as a valance!

Seriously, why didn’t I think of this before?

faux farmhouse curtain with ironstone pitchers

I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink, so using all my favorite pitchers as a faux valance gives me a way to enjoy them daily, without taking up counter space.

My largest pitcher is the one seen in my “It is Well with My Soul” printable.  It’s my favorite, so it’s hanging front and center.

ironstone pitchers farmhouse window


It was as simple as screwing some cup hooks under the shelf and hanging the pitchers on them.

Here’s my no-sew, get them off the counter, faux farmhouse valance!


Hanging ironstone pitchers in a farmhouse kitchen window saves counter space and makes a simple, but charming faux curtain! -

I’m certain I’ll never find a cheaper or easier valance for my windows, and it solved my pitcher-shuffling dilemma

…and and it totally rocks the farmhouse look, doesn’t it? 🙂

Antique ironstone pitchers can be a bit expensive and hard to come by, so sometimes I cheat with an affordable version with the same style (affiliate link).

Two of the pitchers hanging are cheater versions, but  I they fit right in with the old ones, so I doubt anyone would ever notice.

You want to know the best part?

There’s a smaller window that shares the same corner as my large window (you can just barely see it to the right of the big window), and it needs a valance too, so I have an excuse to buy more pitchers!

Viya con Dios,


Here’s something I think you’ll love!

Farmhouse Tractor Seat Stool (affiliate link)

Farmhouse tractor seat adjustable bar stool



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  1. ❤️❤️Beautiful and Brilliant❤️❤️

  2. I really love decorating that is beautiful and functional…this is it! Great job, Angie!

  3. Brilliant! Simply brilliant, Angie. What a beautiful application of Occam’s razor theory.

  4. Smart girl, and they look fantastic 🙂 How inventive and practical at the same time. I just noticed you had a blog redo, I love it!

  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    Very smart! Love the look.

  6. Great idea! Too cute! I love white pitchers and have MANY in my farmhouse!!

  7. I love the ironstone pitchers valance, what a good idea. Love your entire look! But, as an antique dealer, I wish China would quit make replicas of our products! I have a Meakin Ironstone 7″ tall pitcher in my shop, 1912 mark for the Staffordshire factory…24.00. Call me and I’ll mail it to you! Ha Ha! That is the most expensive piece of ironstone in my shop and it has been here for months. No one even asks for ironstone or looks at it and yet there are so many of us who love its simplicity and crazing and history on-line. I have two arched windows in my kitchen, but it might work. I’m thinking I should move all the ironstone into my kitchen here and enjoy it myself. I bet I have less counterspace than you but I have platters and gravy pitchers, cream pitchers….I should do it. Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. Love a good excuse to go shopping!

  9. Hi Angie, I just found this post because you mentioned it today. I LOVE your valance. It fits your decor perfectly. Have you had any problems with the weight of the pitchers on the hooks? It would be sad to have one of your lovely pitchers come crashing down.

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