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When Creativity Takes a Nosedive

I was so glad to get home last week, and couldn’t wait to dive into some new projects. The  long drive home I planned what I would work on first. So,  what amazing projects have I completed in that week?

Well, Bless You! (Upcycled Tissue Holder)

I didn’t have much time for thrift shopping while in New Mexico, but my son needed a nice shirt for his grandmother’s funeral, so I hit a few shops and found a ceramic tissue holder while he was hunting for a shirt. It looked fine as it was, but I wanted to give it a little farmhouse character, and if you’ve visited my blog for any length of time, you know what that means…

How to Repurpose Headboards into Creative New Projects

One of my favorite projects are repurposed headboards, because they are so easy to come by inexpensively at thrift stores, yard sales, and auctions, so  if you’ve ever wonded how to repurpose a cheap or free headboard, I’ve got lots of great ideas for you. There are so many great ways to repurpose them into something useful.  Some require only basic skills, and some more advanced wood-working abilities, but you’r sure to find one you’ll love! Let’s take a look at… How to {Read More}

The Easy Way to Make Aged Looking Signs

My favorite signs to make are ones that look aged and weathered – like they’ve been hanging on a building or inside a store for years and years.  It isn’t hard to create that look at all.

Winter White Inside the Farmhouse

It’s been snowing at my house the last several days and it’s frigid cold, and although the winter white scene outside looks pretty, I’m ready for the snow to stop. Really ready.

Talk of the Town #6

Welcome back to Talk of the Town! There were so many amazing links last week, and you all gave us a lot to talk about!   Take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts!   Repurposed Knob Wine Stoppers Budget Home Makeover Tips APersonal Update 12 Ways to Display Pictures Using Old Junk Old door bench Gluten free granola Sunday verses Painting a DIY Picket Fence Arbor  Hall Table Made from an Old Dresser Old Drawers {Read More}

Milk and Cream Round-Up and Finally Going Home

It’s been three weeks ago today that my youngest son and I got on the train, headed for New Mexico. It was three weeks filled with worry, heart break, and tears (read that update here), and although it was hard to say goodbye to our family, I am so ready to get home, and get back to some semblance of “normal”.  If you follow me on Facebook (here), you know we had some car issues on the first leg of our journey home, but {Read More}

Budget Home Makeover Tips

Most people have to work within a budget, (and usually a tight one) when they want to change the look of their house, so seeing how others have done it can really be helpful. Deborah and Tom from Salvage Sister and Mister are my guests here today to share how they are remodeling their home without breaking the bank.  Welcome, Deborah & Tom! Thank you Angie for the opportunity to guest post today! We believe in making the most with what you {Read More}

Wine Stoppers From Antique Knobs

Hello Knick of Time readers, I’m Bliss from over at Bliss-Ranch.  As you know Angie is with her family, so while she’s there, I’m helping here at her blog house. I’ve got this quick re-purpose with some old pump organ knobs, I believe they’re probably Victorian. At least that’s what Google tells me.

Vaya con Dios – another personal update

My blog’s been pretty quiet, and with my husband’s blessing, I feel it’s time I explain why. It’s an update I’ve been very hesitant to  give for the sake of the privacy of my family, and also because it’s just hard to talk about. I explained previously that I was coming to New Mexico to be with my parents because my dad’s health has been declining.  After I arrived, he ended up back in the hospital in ICU, but for the time {Read More}