Winter White Inside the Farmhouse

It’s been snowing at my house the last several days and it’s frigid cold, and although the winter white scene outside looks pretty, I’m ready for the snow to stop.

Really ready.

White barn in winter -

It was pretty cold while we were in New Mexico, and since my dad has a hard time breathing, the cold kept him indoors.  For his sake, I hoped the weather would warm up enough that he could go outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

I talked to my mom today, and she said it was a beautiful day there, with temps in the 50’s, so my dad was able to spend a good deal of time out on the porch.

If I can’t have warm weather, I’m glad at least they are enjoying it!

I ventured out just long enough to snap a few photos of the snow on our country road, and the icicles hanging from the roof above my barn quilt.

blue barn quilt on barn in winter -

It was beautiful, but my freezing fingers wouldn’t let me stay out for more than a few minutes.

snowy day in the country -

It isn’t just white outdoors – I brought winter white in my kitchen today too.

Vintage Platter with beautiful aged crazing for farmhouse decor -

I found an old china platter at a thrift store before I went to New Mexico, and hung it up today.

I really didn’t need another platter, but the crazing on it is beautiful, and the price was right, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Vintage Platter with beautiful aged crazing for farmhouse decor -

I removed the boxwood wreaths with gingham bows that I’d put on my other platters for Christmas and swapped out my newest platter for one of the other ones that was just an oval platter, without the scalloped edge.

Hang vintage platters on the wall as simple and beautiful wall decor -

This new platter is my new favorite.  It has more detail than the others, and it’s so pretty.

Vintage white scalloped edge plates as farmhouse winter white wall decor -

I’m itching to make another trip to St. Charles, to buy Miss Mustard Seed’s new milk paint color, Farmhouse White.  It looks to be a similar shade of winter white as my platters – not too bright and not too much of a yellow antique white undertone.

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint - farmhouse white

Maybe I’ll try to talk my husband into making the drive this weekend – we’ll just need to really bundle up, and bring lots of coffee and hot cocoa with us!

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. So glad I hopped over and saw MMS’s new shade of white! I have several pieces that I need to paint. All the snow looks lovely in your photos. Here we have MUD! We have had the wettest fall and winter that I’ve ever seen! So ready for spring, too!

  2. The snow sure looks pretty Angie, but living in a sub-tropical climate, I just can’t imagine the coldness. What sort of temperatures do you get there in winter? We’ve got the complete opposite here right now with summer heat and humidity.

  3. brrr We’ve had some snow also. BUT over the weekend, we’re suppose to be in the 60’s! wooohooo!

    Your platter is pretty and looks perfect in your kitchen. I hope you have a nice ride when you go to pick up the paint!


  4. I LOVE the farmhouse look….and you have definitely nailed it! Today I subscribed!!

    Would you please share where did you buy the petite black plate holders?

    I just put up some shelves myself this winter…I have a 1950’s ranch style home homestead but have outbuildings that I farm them up!!

    Donna at the Small House Homestead

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