Kitchen Graters Turned Clipboards

Repurposed vintage kitchen graters photo display -

I’m fully convinced that men are selectively deaf when traveling with women.  They become so focused on the destination that they don’t seem to understand that women like to “stop and smell the roses” along the way.

Here’s how it works when my husband and I are traveling…

 I spot an antique store, and suggest that we should stop.

He pretends he didn’t hear me and keeps driving.

He puts on his headphones, to ensure he doesn’t hear my next suggestion.

     I spot another antique store, and suggest he should stop.

Since he put on his headphones, he continues to pretend he didn’t hear me.

     I’m hyperventilating by this time.

I spot another antique shop, yank the earphones off him, and state he better pull over… now.

He finally gets the “hint”.

He knows by this time that if he wants any peace during the rest of the trip, he better stop the car, and realizes he can at least catch a catnap while I’m smelling the roses in the antique store.

This was the scenario that played out on our return trip from New Mexico to Illinois a few weeks ago.

My husband was in full-blow “I can’t hear you” mode, and after passing several shops, I finally became as annoying and insistent as I could possibly be, and he finally relented.

Honestly, the shop was a bit disappointing.

I’d never admit that to my husband, because then he’d refuse to stop again, but the prices on everything were high, and they did’t take any plastic payments.  I had very little cash on me, so I only found one thing I could buy – this set of vintage kitchen graters.

vintage kitchen graters -

Whenever I find a set of something old, I like to keep the pieces together, so these kitchen graters seemed perfect to turn into little photo clipboards.

I had a chippy panel from an old door in my stash to use as the base.  It’s from the same door that I used to make my Ironstone Plate Display.

repurposed antique door panel -

I also had a bunch of miniature bulldog clips (affiliate link) in my stash to hold photos.

bulldog clips for repurposed clipboard project -

I lined them all up on the wood panel and screwed them in place, then removed the screws.  I did this because it was easier to get the holes where they needed to be before adding the bulldog clips.

vintage graters 3 - Knick of Time

Then all I needed to do was put the screw through the  back of the clip and tighten it.

vintage graters 4 - Knick of Time

Here they are all attached to the panel.

vintage graters 6 - Knick of Time

vintage graters 5 - Knick of Time

I added a few D-ring hangers to the back to hang it, and added some 3×5 photos of my kids with their pets, but I think this would make a cute menu board or message center as well.

Have you repurposed any old kitchen graters into something new?  I’d love to hear about it!

repurposed kitchen cheese graters photo display clipboards - Knick of Time

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repurposed silverware and ironstone plates display -


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  1. sandi Allen says

    Love, Love , Love your grater clipboard display. What a wonderful idea to display photos.

  2. I love this look, Angie! Adding the clips was a great idea!

  3. very, very clever and it looks great!
    I confess I am a “drive until I get there” type myself. I don’t even stop for food and only for a bathroom if really in a bind.
    I should stop more. Clearly there are good things to be found along the way.

  4. Gorgeous work, Angie!

  5. Lovely idea! I just purchased a set of 3 and didn’t want to break them up as a set. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I am so sorry. Maybe I need my husband to train him. He loves taking the side roads. Pulling over to the odd shop. This year he discovered boiled peanuts while driving a lone road in Mississippi.
    Once in Northern California these was a shop waaaay off our route that I had on my list of places to visit. Well he was very generous that day and we went. Score! ! They had wine tasting in the back. Needless to say, we were 3 hrs late to our hotel in Napa.
    I Love That Man..

  7. Love this ! I think your photo display looks fantastic I’m going to be on the lookout for some small graters now.

  8. I love these. I have a small collection of graters and in my dreams I have a place to display them. In my dreams. I’m having trouble visioning what size these are. Maybe I didn’t read close enough . I always have to speed throught reading your posts because there is something in your script that jams up my computer so I have to read really fast and exit before my computer starts spitting out mean things at me!

  9. They aren’t very big, Karen – about 5″ tall x 4″ wide.

  10. Angie, you always come up with the greatest ideas – love this! I’ll never look at kitchen grater the same.

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