Reclaimed Wood for My Spring Entryway

Whenever possible, I always choose reclaimed wood over brand new wood, because I want the aged and weathered look, so when given the chance to get some reclaimed wood for free – you can bet I’ll take it!

Remember that chippy weathered photo backdrop I shared a few weeks ago?  Well, that photo was the top of my mom’s old picnic table, and she told me I could keep it (yippee!!), so my husband took it all apart and we transported it on the back of our Jeep all the way from New Mexico to Illinois, so I could turn it into something new.

Can you guess what we did with it?

Reclaimed Picnic Table Wood for Spring Farmhouse Decor

picnic table wood for barn gate

Here’s a little peek…

KoT salvaged wood barn gate 2

The long boards all looked so pretty together when they were on the table, so rather than chop the wood up into smaller pieces for a project, they were basically just rearranged.

Have you guessed what it is yet?…

Yep, it’s a reclaimed wood barn gate for my entryway, and I love it!

barn gate 13 KoT

Isn’t that chippy blue paint, perfect?!

KoT salvaged wood barn gate

It makes the perfect backdrop for spring decor, and will look pretty in the summer too.

One of the benches from the picnic table wasn’t completely falling apart, so I’m keeping it, and plan to use it to hold plants on my front patio.

KoT salvaged wood barn gate 4

Now I just need to get busy planting the seeds I bought so I have some summer flowers to look forward to (hopefully).  I’m a lousy gardener, but every spring I get optimistic that my efforts will be more successful than the year before.  Hope springs eternal, right? 🙂

To see my tutorial to turn a picnic table into a barn gate, pop over to My Repurposed Life, where I’m a monthly contributor!

KoT salvaged wood barn gate 5

I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

Turn reclaimed wood from an old picnic table or fence into a farmhouse barn gate -

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Vaya con Dios,



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  1. Oh I totally agree Angie, cutting those boards up would have been a shame. Love how you repurposed them?

  2. That faux barn door is so cool! I love the worn blue painted look. I’m gonna look for an old picnic table! Good work, Angie!

  3. It’s awesome! I reading a bunch of posts hoping to find out the fate of Lucy and Ethel.

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