My Vintage Typewriter Gets a Brand New Job!

I absolutely love my vintage typewriter, but when your house is small, it’s hard to justify something that’s taking up space, but doesn’t have a real purpose, and since the typewriter doesn’t work, it doesn’t have any purpose other than to look pretty.

Underwood Standard vintage typewriter

I was walking by it recently, and suddenly I had a light bulb moment.

What if it could still sit and look pretty, but get a new job so I could justify the space it’s taking?

Can you guess what I repurposed it in to?

antique typewriter

A charging station!

This old Underwood typewriter has an 18″ wide carriage, which is big enough to hold 2 phones and a tablet behind the roller bar.

antique typewriter repurposed charging station 2

My mobile hot spot fits across the front of the roller bar, so all of our devices fit on it.
Antique Underwood typewriter charging station Knick of Time

Now I just needed a charging port to connect all the devices.

I bought a 4-port charging station (affiliate link) that is small enough to sit next to, or behind the typewriter.

I may end up putting some Velcro and attaching it to the side, but for now it’s very convenient to plug everything in to.

4 port usb hub charging station

I love that I didn’t alter or damage the typewriter at all, and it was one of the easiest repurposed projects I’ve ever done!

Repurpose a vintage typewriter into a charging station -



Vaya con Dios,


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Barn Wood and Bread Tins Wall Bins

Salvaged Barn Wood and Bread Loaf Pans Wall Bins -

Here’s something I think you’ll love!

Vintage Typewriter Pencil Cup

vintage typewriter pencil cup

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  1. I love this idea! A perfect way to mix the old and new!

  2. Brilliant idea, Angie! I love it! You are always an inspiration! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Cheryl Steiger says

    I love it and the devices blend in with the typewriter so they really don’t stand out!!

  4. I fell over in love with this, Angie! You are brilliant!

  5. What a fun idea, Angie! I love it!

  6. Now that is thinking outside of the box Angie. Love the juxtaposition of the old technology with the new! That little typewriter pencil holder is ADORABLE too.

  7. Great idea Angie!

  8. The things we do to keep our junk! I loved this Angie…
    I like the “artsy-factor” Seriously, it’s a conversation starter for people that come to visit.
    “Oh, do you have a place I can charge my “whatever”… ?
    What a clever idea.
    I like this one!

  9. Oh that is so clever of you. I never in a million years would have guessed this! It looks great too.

  10. What a great idea….love it!!!

  11. What an outstanding idea, Angie. My home needs a better system and I love what you created.

  12. A typewriter charging station! This is so smart and cool. Love it!

  13. I love it ! You are a genius 🙂
    xo Lisa S

  14. Brilliant idea, Angie! I didn’t know I needed an antique typewriter charging station until seeing this. I also need that adorable antique typewriter pen holder.

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