Toddler Overalls Wall Pocket

I don’t have a toddler or infant anymore, so I rarely look at the little kid’s clothing section of thrift stores, but the pickins’ were pretty slim last time I went in a thrift store, so I wandered over to see if maybe I’d get lucky and find some old wooden blocks, in that department before giving up and leaving empty-handed.

I didn’t find any wooden blocks, but I spotted rack full of toddler jeans and overalls, and my mommy heart started pitter-pattering as the memories of my kids wearing overalls when they were little came flooding back.

I had to stop to look through them all.

I found a pair that was perfect.

It didn’t have modern character patches on it, and it had been laundered enough that the denim was a bit faded.

Those little cuties were coming home with me!

toddler denim overalls - Knick of Time

Toddler Overalls Wall Pocket

Since I don’t have a toddler, and there aren’t any grand babies in my future just yet, I decided to upcycle them into another denim wall pocket, similar to the one I made a few years ago.

Repurposed Jeans

First, the legs needed to be cut off, so they were like overall shorts.

cut off toddler overalls

Last time I made them, I used hot glue to close the sides and bottom of the legs closed, but since there were snaps on the sides, only the leg openings needed to be stitched closed on this pair.

upcycled toddler overalls - www.Knick of

Turning toddler overalls into a wall pocket is a great way to preserve the memories of your children or grandchildren wearing them.

infant toddler upcycled denim wall pocket -

I just photographed this pair holding some paint brushes and flowers, but you could also use it to hold empty grocery sacks or cleaning rags, or even use it as a hanging diaper holder.

If you don’t want to make your own, this one is available in my online shop HERE.

Upcycled Infant or Toddler Clothing Wall Pocket -

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t save more of my kid’s clothing, but I’m so glad I did save a dress my mom made my daughter when she was a baby.  It’s hanging in my farmhouse laundry room where I enjoy seeing it all the time.

Old-fashioned baby dress in farmhouse laundry room -


Did you save any of your children’s clothing?  

If so, did you repurpose any of them into something new?

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Upcycled Shirt Foot Stool

Repurpose a pretty shirt into a foot stool -

Here’s  something I think you’ll love!

Denim Kitchen Placemats (affiliate link)

denim placemats

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  1. Kathy Hord says

    I have done something like this. I bought a little girl’s denim dress with straps. I sewed the bottom straight across then put it on a hanger. Now I use it as a clothes pin bag for my outside line. It’s so much cuter then a regular pin bag. With the little pockets on the front I can tuck twist ties it them. Then I can hang shirts that I have on hangers on the line. I love your idea. I will look the next time I’m at the thrift store. It will be. Acute decoration for our back patio. Love your site.

  2. Marlene Stephenson says

    These are so cute, what a great idea, now to beg my son and dil for a pair of my grandchildrens.

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