Metal Pallet Repurposed into Wall Shelf

Whoever first said that patience is a virtue, clearly never had the coolest metal pallet sitting right in their own driveway, but they couldn’t use it!

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Let me back up a little…

My husband brought it home months ago, but never mentioned it to me.

It took awhile for me to even notice it was sitting there, because he had stacked a small mountain of wood pallets on it.

Little by little, that mountain started getting smaller in size, as we used bunches of them  as new walls in our entryway.

DIY Farmhouse Wooden Shutters

By the time all those pallets were used, I finally spotted the metal pallet at the bottom, but there was still a small stack of pallets on it, so I couldn’t use it yet.

A few more pallets got used on a little farmhouse accent table.

And several more got used for a new coop for our baby chicks.

The last one that was left got turned into a window box.

THEN, my husband said I could have it… finally. 🙂

Given the fact that it is an all metal pallet, I knew I wasn’t going to be cutting it apart, like I usually do with pallets, but that was fine, because I had another plan for it…

A fun wall shelf with a bit of an industrial vibe! 🙂

Wouldn’t this be fun to use as a drink bar for an outdoor party or wedding?

Repurpose a metal pallet into a soda bar or cafe display shelf -

I don’t have an outdoor party or wedding planned at the moment, so I’ll probably end up up using it in my workshop.

I’ve been saying for two years that I was going to get the workshop cleaned up and organized, and I think it might actually happen this summer (knock on wood!).  My husband started cleaning out trash last week, but I need to pick up more shelving units so I have a place to organize everything.

You can pop over and see how I turned the metal pallet into a wall shelf at My Repurposed Life, where I shared the tutorial!

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Salvaged Wood &  Window Rustic Wall Shelf

Ironstone pitchers on rustic wooden shelf -

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  1. Naomi S. says

    I love the little wooden wall shelf, Angie. Can’t wait til I have time to look at the tutorial!

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