How Not to Give a Folding Chair a Makeover

repurposed folding chair wall bin - Knick of Time

I woke up yesterday morning on a mission.

I was going to march straight out to my workshop, grab the first piece of junk I laid eyes on, and do something amazing with it.

I wouldn’t look at Facebook or check my email first.

Junk first – Facebook later.

That WAS the plan…

I walked out to the junk pile setting outside my workshop, and the first thing I laid eyes on was this child-size metal folding chair.

vintage metal folding chair

I’ve done a folding chair project in the past (seen here), and it turned out pretty darn awesome, if I do say so, so I was certain I could come up with a idea for this one too.

I carried it in the house and studied it.

I studied it some more.

And some more.

Studying has never been my strong point.  … Just ask my mom, or any teacher I ever had.

Hmm…maybe I should just paint it first, and an idea would come to me in the process.

painted folding chair

It looked better, but I still couldn’t decide what to do with it.

I opened the folding chair, and closed the folding chair, I held it sideways, and upside down, and still no ideas.

I decided to make a quick run to Hobby Lobby, thinking if I wandered up and down isles full of inspiration, I’d come up with something.

And wander I did.

Two hours and $35 later, I walked out of the store with 3 stencils, chunky wooden clothes pins, magnets, washi tape, and a boatload of scrapbook paper.

When I got back home and unloaded my purchases, I felt so ridiculous.

I couldn’t believe I’d just spent $35 trying to repurpose a $2 flea market folding chair.

So, I put everything back in the bag, intending to return it all, but I decided to keep this stencil.

It reminded me of the rusty old bike I gave a makeover, and it was the right size for the chair seat. 🙂

vintage bike stencil

I taped that baby on the seat and painted over it with the chalky paint I introduced you to here.

stenciling on metal

Is that cute, or what?!

stenciled folding chair

But now what?  I had a metal folding chair with a bike painted on it, but I like my decor to serve a purpose, not just look cute.

upcycled stenciled folding chair

Back to the junk pile I went, where I found an old bread pan.

vintage bread tin

I attached it to the bottom of the folding chair, and PRESTO!

upcycled folding chair and bread tin

A folding chair wall bin!

Gee… that was easy, wasn’t it? 🙂

Facebook, here I come!

vintage repurosed folding chair farmhouse bedroom

Vaya con Dios,



  1. How cute! I admire your determination. I do that sometimes, get determined to work on one of the many pieces of junk in my stash, but usually end up doing nothing. By the time I round up the supplies, I’m not in the mood any more.

    • That’s been my problem too, Wanda – and it’show my stash turned into a mountain! 🙂 I’m trying to resist the urge to bring home any new junk until I make some real progress on the junk I already have!

  2. Sooo cute!

  3. Pinning and sharing – both cute and useful. I know the feeling of gathering a pile of supplies for a flea market find.

  4. This is so smart and adorable! A repurpose and you can also use it as a plain chair!

  5. Paula Sager says

    I so understand your pain. Been wiring for 3 hours repurposing a window and still not done. Oh well?

  6. Angie, love the childs stenciled chair. It made me think of a wood chair you recently did with with a quilt design. Shortly after that, you offered a quilt stencil for sale in your shop. Just checked, and it is no longer available? Did I miss it?

  7. OMG… You’re killing me here! That’s the cutest thing EVER!!!

    I have tried to take that approach before too… grab the first thing and do something… anything with it right then and there! I think you’ve inspired me to do that again!


  8. What did you use to attach the bread pan to the chair?

  9. That is super cute!! I wish stencils and I got along 😉

    • Susanne – stencils can be your BFF if you remember just one thing – have VERY little paint on your stencil brush, so it doesn’t bleed underneath. Once you do that, you’ll love your stencils! 🙂

  10. Marlene Stephenson says

    Really cute and clever,thanks Angie.

  11. Super cute! Love it! 🙂

  12. Bonnie Martin says

    great job Angie I love to see what you have made and it give me some ideals for me to use in my home..

  13. that is really a cute idea….you have an amazing creative process, and a great junk pile. lol

  14. Wow, Angie, could I come over and look at your junk pile? You must have a ton of cool stuff. I think another way to use the chair/wall bin would be to plant flowers in the bread tin and stencil flowers on the seat of the chair and on the back, too. What do you think? Now I have to go look like a little chair just like yours!

  15. I thought the chair was pretty awesome on its own, Angie but the bread pan…very clever idea!!!?

  16. Cute stencil! You didn’t say how you attached the pan! I like the finished result though.

  17. Super cute! Lol..I understand this whole process.

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